December 19, 2022

Ticks and lyme disease


A few plant based friends are currently arguing about ticks and lyme disease…they are insisting they know formerly healthy people who are now ravaged by lyme. What exactly is going on here?


Terrain answer:

The “formerly healthy people” were never healthy because even their “healthy” diet is not healthy. They eat cooked foods, they probably eat meat, dairy, eggs, fish, beans, spices, garlic, onion, ginger, drink tea or coffee and take supplements, all of which slowly build disease conditions in their body. Then their lymph system starts working as it is designed and they get told they have a tick borne illness which is completely made up and then for fear of their own bodies properly functioning healing system working as it is designed to work, they get convinced by the medical industry to ingest antibiotics, a biocide which kills their own cells and that poison adds to the large burden already on their body, so they add more fuel to the fire leading to more symptoms as their poisoned body tries to expel the additional poisons on top of the dietary poisons it was already trying to clean out through the lymph system.
Lyme is just high levels of toxemia, it is a system that is backed up with waste that is mobilizing that waste. When the waste gets mobilized it moves through the lymph creating pain and swelling that moves around the body. It also creates fatigue as the overburdened body shifts its energy into cleaning the organs and moves energy out of the extremities to utilize in the cleaning processes. If the person rests and corrects their diet and utilizes fasting to remove the backed up wastes the body will quickly heal since the body is already in the healing processes. But if the person follows a “treatment” protocol they will just add more and more burden to the body keeping the body in a constant state of disease, at which point the body may or may not continue with the symptoms, or it may shift the symptoms to a more serious condition.