December 12, 2022

Ticks and mosquitos transmit disease?


What is the germ theory explanation for how ticks and mosquitos transmit disease?
Do they “inherit” it from their lineage? Do these diseases they carry just happen to exist in nature then are passed on to those they bite?
I don’t understand the logical at all.


Terrain answer:

Germ theory says that insects collect bacteria from a sick person’s body when they bite that person, then when they bite the next person they transfer that bacteria to the other person causing disease. The only explanation for why millions of people get bit by the mosquito or Lyme tick and have no symptoms they can offer is good luck vs bad luck. They also cannot explain why many who, for example, get a bullseye rash, had no exposure to ticks, while others who have gotten many tick bites never get the rash or the “disease”.
It’s hard to understand the logic when there is no logic present. You have to believe in magic and set aside logic, or simply not think deeply on the subject, to believe germ theory.