December 12, 2022

To some people this question m...


To some people this question may seem really dumb and ignorant, I’m not after opinions or a discussion just a basic answer from someone who is actually ‘qualified’ in this field.
I totally accept and understand the philosophy behind eating raw however my question is this…
Regardless of calorific quantity, and so called ‘nutritional information’ are all Non- recommended foods equally as bad?
For example jacket potato with butter cheese and beans, buttered cheese sandwich using white bread and a side of crisps, common breakfast cereal and milk, pizza, sausage roll, Sunday roast, battered fish and chips, bar of chocolate etc.
As you can see none of these follow the terrain model but are they all as bad as one another or is there a tier system for bad foods?
Hope my question makes sense
Thank you


Terrain answer:

There are many factors which go into the relative “badness” of various substances referred to as “foods”.