December 12, 2022

Trigger finger


Got diagnosed with “trigger finger” on my right thumb and the two options given to me were cortisone shots (#2) or surgery.
This is more mechanical, however, I was also told I have arthritis beginning. I already searched the posts for that subject and got some good info ( happy to hear raw tomatoes and peppers aren’t necessarily the problem).
I scheduled a 2nd opinion (on my dime) with a doctor that supposedly tries to deal with it without the shots or surgery.
Anyway…just trying to input more data and reach out for experiential info. Anyone go through this and what did you do/wish you did and what was the outcome?
I have to do something as I have reduced use of my hand and it causes a lot of pain if used wrong.
Please and thank you in advance.


Terrain answer:

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. The solution to pollution is dilution. When we have pain and cramping that is the acids concentrating in an area and causing inflammation, tension and triggering the nerves (pain).
All cooked foods dehydrate the body. Even if we are eating fully raw we need to rehydrate all of that old waste that built up over decades of wrong eating. That is a lot of dehydration, that is a lot of concentration of acids.