January 7, 2023

Two of my fav Arnold Ehret passages, protein, raw food


Two of my fav Arnold Ehret passages :

“High protein foods act as stimulation for a certain time, because they decompose at once in the human body into poison. It is commonly known fact that any kind of animal substances becomes very poisonous as soon as they enter an oxidization with air, especially at a higher temperature as exists in the human body. The learned have gone so far as to prove that man belongs biologically in the class of meat – eating animals, while the descendant theory proves he belongs to the ape family, who are exclusively fruit eaters” – Arnold Ehret

“Raw fruits &, if desired, raw green-leaf vegetables form the ideal food of man. That is the mucusless diet. But the mucusless diet as a healing system uses raw, rough vegetables for their cleansing qualities, baked ones as food, & baked & stewed fruits AS A LESS AGGRESSIVE DISSOLVER Of poisons & mucus to MODERATE THE ELIMINATION IN SEVERE CASES. This is one of the most important principles of the system, a point the raw-food fanatic ignores entirely. Eating raw potatoes, raw cereals & unfired pies is, in my opinion, absurd & worse than if they are carefully baked, which means developing the starch into at least partially digestible gluten & grape sugar”. – Arnold Ehret

Have a wonderful day everyone… take care of yourselves, the struggle is real!

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Group participants comments:

We should eat warm and cooked food, with meat. That is what ALL history says.

Man, I really need to do this.

What book is the first quote from?

Best $ 20 we can spend all year! And the year hasn’t even started yet! I’m definitely in again.