December 30, 2022

Two weeks old, she started to develop a rash all over her body. Honey, sugar.


Wow, I feel like I’ve stumbled across a pot of gold!
I’d like to share a snippet of my story and seek some reassurance that I’m on the right track.
Three months ago when my daughter was just two weeks old, she started to develop a rash all over her body. Luckily my intuitive parents were with me because Dad took one look at Malu and simply said “that’s sugar”.
I am 33 and have always had a very toxic relationship with sugar, eating it every single day except when I would fast. I have engaged in water fasting on and off for the past 5 years after I read about it’s benefits in multiple books.
So I decided to give it up. I quit all sugars, including fruit for two weeks. After just one day I woke up with the shakes, then after a week Malu’s rash was completely gone. After another week of the rash at bay I introduced fruit back into my diet. Introducing fruit showed no concerns.
We sat like this for 2.5 months, until 2 weeks ago when I slipped and started consuming artificial sugars again. I don’t know what I was thinking but once I started to see physical symptoms of the rash returning (a few days ago), I stopped again.
I found this group about 2 weeks ago and have been slowly digesting the information. I am ready to go deeper now because I am determined to be dis-ease free. The biggest physical symptom of concern that I have is pterygiums in both eyes. They have flared up in the last couple of week (in alignment with letting sugar back in) and they are so itchy.
I’m wondering if anyone has heard of or experienced full healing of pterygiums in the eyes? My next step in cleaning up my diet will be cutting out all animal products – except raw honey. I am unsure of the effects of honey on the body under this theory. Is it a safe or unsafe signal to the body?
Thank You for reading.


Terrain answer:

The body heals all when the conditions of disease are removed and the conditions of health are put in place. Some things take longer than others but the body always addresses all abnormal functioning and all abnormal conditions when we correct the conditions of disease that we are putting into the body.
Honey is toxic – it is not much different than eating white sugar. It is bee vomit of nearly pure sugar with no minerals or vitamins. “The bee laces its honey with several acids, some for which only the bee has enzymes for reconversion. Such acids are poisonous to bacteria and humans alike. That’s one of the bee’s ways of preserving its food supply. Those acids earn the toxicity rating even though, of its six acids, about half are metabolizable. If you tried to make a meal of honey only, you’d find it tasty and fully calorie sufficient. But you’d probably get a bellyache unlike any you’ve ever had in your life. You would probably get other problems too. Honey is very poor in nutrients right down the line. It has practically no protein, vitamins, minerals or essential fatty acids. Only the pollen that is incidentally in the honey has any appreciable amount of nutrients. Honey is, literally, sugar water the bee has obtained from flowers as its reward for performing a service. The sugars in honey are primarily levulose and fructose. The
bee dehydrates and thus concentrates them. Honey is developed by bees for bees.
Nature did not make us dependent upon the industriousness of bees for our sustenance.” – TC Fry