January 7, 2023

Type 2 diabetic, black feet


I have a Type 2 diabetic friend whom I am seeking help for. He is at the stage where his feet are actually black. After and advice at how he could reverse this frightening thing! He is also on Insulin and his BS can be as high as 21.


Terrain answer:

Diabetes is a disease of fat toxicity – https://nutritionfacts.org/video/diabetes-as-a-disease-of-fat-toxicity/

He needs to get the fat out of his diet to get the body able to control sugars again. For someone with advanced sugar issues, he should start with lots of green salads first to get the fat out and low-sugar fruits like blueberries. With advanced symptoms like that he needs to take his diet extremely seriously or end up having his feet amputated. He needs to focus on getting all overt fats out of his diet until his condition improves.


Group participants comments:

Follow Wim Hoff method

Check out Mastering Diabetes

Drink plenty it flushes the system through. And lowers the BS down. But diet changes are important


“The happy pear ” have just released a podcast about conquring diabetes, its all about fat control, they say 15% fat in your diet x



You get these so called diseases if you consult a doctor and then prescribed you with poison drugs, then that’s the time you will really have a problem with your health. Coz drugs will slowly damaged the body’s vital organs. and also, it will gradually kills the microorganisms/bacteria inside our body, that helps eliminate the accumulated poisons/toxins. Without these micoorganisms, then that’s the time our vital organs will stop working and death will follow.

Thanks everyone passing on. But yes here in Australia everyone who is diagnosed is advised to go Keto!


Check out mastering diabetes

I don’t think you’ll get better advice than what LW said above.

Tell him to try having lots of these, nature’s wonders.