December 7, 2022


by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.
[Extract from: Swine Flu Expose by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D. ]
Because the average doctor does not understand the cause nor the cure of disease, he flounders around in a confusion of guesswork. Lacking facts, the various medical associations and medical schools base their beliefs on many false concepts with no basis in fact. The germ theory of disease is a graphic example. These dangerous concepts lead the doctors and the people astray— that is, all but the few who think for themselves and seek out proof for their beliefs.
It is bad enough for the doctors to blame the diseases on germs, viruses and bacteria, but when they pick on healthy people who do not “catch diseases” when they are exposed, and claim they are “carriers” and can infect others, this is the height of the ridiculous. See the chapter titled, Why Germs Cannot Cause Disease.
As disease is just a transition period from a contaminated body to a normal, healthy body, it stands to reason that no one can “catch” a disease any more than he can catch a dirty neck. Therefore, if a person is in the company of an ill person and does or does not get the same disease, it does not make him a “carrier” of that disease. Yet some of our medical men promote that theory. On the strength of this unsupported, unproved medical opinion of physicians and Health Departments, people have actually been sent to prison, merely because they were too healthy to get sick when the doctors thought they ought to.
Who has not heard of the sad case of “Typhoid Mary?” A fascinating book titled MEDICAL VOODOO, by Annie Riley Hale tells the story on page 337. The account reads: “Mary, a maid-servant of the better class in New York City, in the summer of 1907 was working where several cases of typhoid developed. Because Mary did not fall ill with the fever, though in contact with the patients, the only explanation that ‘medical science’ could offer for such a phenomenon, was that the woman was a ‘typhoid carrier.’ There was absolutely no evidence or proof of it except the health officer’s wild guess. Much contrary evidence was offered by Mary and her friends, but she was arrested, charged with ‘a menace to the public health,’ branded ‘Typhoid Mary’ in the newspapers, and imprisoned in the isolation hospital on North Brothers Island.” She remained there for 30 years in solitary confinement until she died. She had committed no crime. She was a victim of medical stupidity and ignorance. The whole medical case rested on the fact that she was healthy and didn’t get the diseases which several others had developed.
In the same well-to-do household where Mary worked, there were, undoubtedly, other members of the family who did not develop the disease, but of course, they were not sentenced to life imprisonment for being healthy. There are no “Typhoid Rockefellers”’ nor “Diphtheria Morgans”, are there? Neither are there any “typhoid carriers” anywhere in the world, except in the weird imaginations of certain backward doctors.
When we think of all the millions of mothers who care for their children who develop all kinds of diseases, and the mothers do not “catch it”, it is a frightening thought to consider that some doctors could haul them off to prison for life because they managed to stay well in the presence of illness.
In the Middle Ages, before Pasteur conjured up his fallacious germ theory, there were some equally strange and dangerous theories of disease. One of them was the belief that diseases were caused by devils, that somehow got inside the body of the patient and caused the illness: The doctors then bored a hole in the head of the sick person to let the evil spirit out. If the patient died of the operation, which I suppose was usually the case, the doctors would naturally claim that the patient came too late and the devil did it. This is not to infer that evil spirits cannot possess a susceptible person; maybe they can, (The Bible says so) but if they got in they can get out the same way they got in, without the dangerous — often fatal — practice of boring a hole in the patient’s skull.
As we look back on these crude and barbaric medical procedures, we hope we have advanced beyond that stage of primitive medical practice; but, have we? The “Typhoid Mary” case was of recent times. She died only a few years ago in prison. But our present-day medical men have not advanced out of the Dark Ages yet; they still chase down healthy, innocent people who do not develop typhoid after being near typhoid cases. These cases are even now, branded as “carriers” and hounded by medical men driven by medical ignorance. This is borne out by no less a medical authority than Roy O. Gilbert, M.D. (L.A County Health Officer.) In the Los Angeles News Herald, 1954, Dr. Gilbert wrote an article titled “Spread of Typhoid Stopped by Apprehension of Carrier.” In this article he states: “Typhoid carriers are individuals who act as symptom-free portable reservoirs for the germs of the disease and many of them are unaware that they may transmit the infection. . . – Whether the disease is mild or otherwise, it is estimated that between three and four percent of the individuals who have had it become carriers. – . – About one fifth of all carriers have never had the disease in a recognizable form.
“All known carriers are kept under strict surveillance by the Public Health Officials and are visited at least twice yearly. . . . Annual booster shots are given as an additional precaution.”
Dr. Gilbert also states: “Typhoid fever, among the last of the pestilential fevers modern science learned to prevent and keep under control in the Western World is caused by a bacillus called Salmonella-typhosa. The ways in which it may be transmitted are understood and its control readily possible. Nevertheless, an average of 26 cases has been reported in Los Angeles County for the last five-year period.”
If medical science (or confusion) knows how to control the disease, why do we have it every year? On checking the news items on Typhoid outbreaks over the past years, we find that the cases are among the guests of a wedding party, a camp meeting, a picnic, or some other gathering where food was served without refrigeration and sanitary supervision. Foods containing milk, meat and eggs are highly putrefactive out of refrigeration, and can generate toxins which cause vomiting, fever, intestinal disturbance and other symptoms of food poisoning, Whether or not the doctors find typhoid bacilli in the patients does not prove a thing, because all kinds of germs are found in sick people. The germs do not cause the disease; they evolve out of the dying cells and do a useful, remedial work.
The doctors have not been able to control the diseases because they are forever looking in the wrong direction for the causes. The cause is usually some form of body poisoning.
They give their so-called carriers a shot of poison vaccine every year, thus weakening their natural powers of defense against invasion of poisons. Vaccines always contaminate the body and weaken the whole physical organism and make one more susceptible to disease. This was proved by the high death rate and disease rate among the 100% vaccinated soldiers in all our wars from 1917 up to the present time. See chapter on “What vaccination did to our soldiers.”