December 19, 2022

Ulcerative colitis


Bit of a weird one, but has anyone here managed to cure their ulcerative colitis, by diet, if so may I asked what foods you did and did not eat, ever since I quit smoking amd nicotine it flared up fairly bad for some reason I’m assuming is some.kind of detox going on here and thought I’d help it along with diet, any info would be appreciated


Terrain answer:

UC will clear up on the natural diet fairly quickly. UC is a result of chronic irritation to the digestive tract and the body having to respond through diarrhea to remove substances that are harmful to its tissues.
So UC starts out as a normal body response to a poison/irritant/toxin being put into the system but then because we keep eating those irritating substances the inflammation and irritation grow. Much like if you were to rub your hand with sandpaper, at first it would just be a minor irritation but over time it would cause serious damage.
So the digestive tract is under chronic irritation from the wrong foods going into it and it needs to respond to those foods by expelling them rapidly.
Once we stop putting those irritants in the body the body is able to start to heal the irritated and inflamed tissues in the digestive tract and heal the ulcers and often it can remove the scar tissue if given enough time.
People with IBS, IBD, Crohn’s disease, UC, and other digestive disorders often benefit the most from water fasting along with returning to the natural diet. The more time the digestive tract is empty, the more healing the body can do to those digestive tissues.
Once we remove the cause of the damage – the wrong foods going in – the body quickly starts to repair the damage that was done.