December 19, 2022

Ultrasound Pregnancy Risks


This is awful!
Thoughts in regards to the Terrain Model?


Terrain answer:

Ultrasound is a type of radiation so it is proximity and dose-dependent. Any form of radiation from a lightbulb to the sun can cause burns and damage a small number of cells in an area if it is strong and localized or if you are under it for an extended period. Imagine taking a magnifying glass to the sun and setting a fire. Anytime you concentrate the radiation on a small area you have the potential to cause damage. Since a fetus is a very small number of cells in a localized area, if you localize the radiation and leave it in place for long enough you can damage those cells. But it all comes down to the dosage (how strong), proximity (how close), and duration (how long) it is focused on the specific cells. A short-duration scan on a grown adult might kill some cells but is not going to cause disease. But a longer duration focused specifically on a tiny number of cells, we just don’t know what kind of damage that could cause. Since the test has not been proven safe beyond all reasonable doubt there is no reason that it should be used routinely. As with any medical intervention or medical test you are taking a risk by putting the body through.
The attached article has lots of misinformation thought. It acts as though radiation is an element that can be stored in the body and requires herbs or magic potions to get it out. This is complete and total nonsense. Radiation when it does cause damage is not something that hangs out in the body. It simply kills a lot of cells and leaves the cellular debris behind to clean up. Adding more poison to the body by using herbs that claim to chelate but really just create detox symptoms because the body is expelling the herb itself, which is in opposition to how the body actually operates. If we are exposed to a high dose, long-duration radiation that has enough power to cause any damage then we need to fast to allow the body to expel the damaged cells and make repairs. We don’t need to add non-foods or poisons that slow the body’s ability to heal itself.