January 13, 2022

Unwashed hair eventually cleans itself?...


Unwashed hair eventually cleans itself?


Terrain answer:

I’m not sure if it cleans itself. But if our diet is correct and in line with our physiology we don’t overproduce oils which is what tends to trap dirt and cause itching. Also if our bodies are not overly acidic then when we sweat we won’t itch because we won’t be dumping those acids onto the skin. So if you were living a natural lifestyle you would not feel the need to wash the acids away that cause most of the symptoms of “dirty” hair like dead skin cells sitting on the hair.

I don’t wash my hair. When I shower I run water over it but I don’t use any shampoos or soaps or anything to clean the hair. If I eat too many overt fats my hair will get a little greasy but if I am not eating overt fats then I don’t ever feel the need to do anything to my hair. I don’t even brush my hair every day. Sometimes I go a week or more without brushing it.


Group participants comments:

Look into the no-poo movement

I shampoo every 2 weeks. My2.5 year old and 6 month old have never used shampoo and their hair and scalp is healthy.

Curtis Power

No more hair washing unless a bird poos on us


Grease theory refutes shampoo theory

We messed up our hair microbiome https://youtu.be/Tkij3_7wFHU

Only water with a bicarb (scalp) rinse every now and then. Apple cider vinegar is an awesome conditioner

Ha e not tried ivy leaf soap but might also work.

Dont for get good old fashioned egg. Rinse with well and add cider vinegar to the rinse.

My hair is falling out so badly right now. I buy expensive shampoo from hair dressers but nothing works

When I look at (and smell from afar) homeless people, it doesn’t seem to be a good idea never to wash your hair.

Check out the curly girl method it’s no shampoo nothing just bit of chemical free conditioner works sooo well for curly, we only wash my little girls hair once every 2 months, if that! Shampoos are a money market and I’m a hairdresser talking, I advise on the best ones to use as so many won’t be able to not wash their hair I only was mine once a week,

Can anyone shed any light on the real story behind samson and his hair while we are on the topic . Very interesting comments by the way you have me intrigued

10 years no soap, shampoo, or laundry detergent. i use soap nuts to wash my clothes.

No poo for me

For the answer examine Mr Perrottet

Thanks to everyone who took the time to post your views experiences etc
Much appreciated and enjoyed…..ok, then, I will wash that man right out of my hair then!

I think its true….

What? No hair doesn’t clean itself.

well, no. but it lessens oil production which means less need to wash as often.

I only shampoo my hair once a month!
I’ve been doing that for 7 years now.
My hair is wonderful

My husband hasn’t used any soap or shampoo for over twenty years. He has long hair and a beard and smells and looks clean. He eats clean and somewhat intermittent fasts and has for a long time.

No it gets very dirty. They looked at some under a microscope and it’s gross.

I can’t explain it but my daughter who is 5 has only had shampoo on her head maybe 10x. If she takes a shower it’s just water and afterwards I comb through with a little conditioner. She doesn’t smell, right now i can’t remember her last shower. Maybe last week.

You dont need shampoo. Just a rinse will clean your hair. Same for your skin.

I had psoriasis on my scalp that completely went away when I stopped washing my hair daily. Now I’m once a week


I would imagine with all the chemtrails they’re spraying on us, we need to wash our hair. If the world was unpolluted then maybe not

I wash my hair with conditioner that seems the lather a little. Apple cider vinigar diluted in water for product build up

Rinse and comb thru in the shower with water

warm water ‘washing’ without any products. my hair is quite short nowadays…

Well well well…I’ve stopped using shampoo in April 2020. It wasn’t a good look for at least 2 months. I washed it with water regularly and some time later all the oil from my hair just soaked into the hair and became nice and clean. It’s been almost 2 years of no shampoo and my hair is better than before. I also have loads of new hair growing.

Really depends if you eat raw fruits, long term fasting annually, and stay hydrated otherwise rinsing with just water a few times a week does the trick from my experience.

Yeah my last two bfs only use water and both had the most stunning, CLEAN hair, one has lovely long dreads and other had shoulder length perfect curls ‍♀ shampoo is not the answer, unless you’ve actually got it really dirty. After that it’s fuzzy and takes a few water rinses for the curls to come back.

My other half never uses any products.. At all.. He’s 51 and has the best skin and softest hair. I have curly hair so use mousse to style it.. So feel the need to wash every 3 days. Sometimes I wear coconut oil to calm the curls but I don’t get the bounce and oil weighs it down. I used to suffer with a bad scalp until I removed alot of dairy, I have a small amount in tea. I’ve cut chocolate out too. Unhealthy diets lead to washing more often that’s for sure..

I’ve just stopped using shampoo, been two weeks on Sunday that I last washed n my hair is starting to look less greasy… I am still using conditioner on the two occasions I would of normally washed just so I am able to brush it as I have long thick hair…. once my hair has sorted itself out and cleans naturally I will cut back on the conditioner and just use it on the ends of my hair as little as possible.
Our hair produces natural oils that keep it clean, when we shampoo we are washing them natural oils away.

I’ve never used shampoo on my kids, they just water wash, their hair is lovely and clean and fluffy.

I.wash my hair once a year, the water is not that dirty


I get dandruff after a couple of days

Charchoal, baking soda..
for those with greesy scalp : hyma salt
for rinse 1:3 ACV ..
Actually thats what our grand- grand parents used too.
Calendula oil is good for dull hair

People living in farm houses need not wash as the wind will clean

who should wash hair and head daily one or two times?

People living and going out often in polluted environments containing carbon monoxide .
People using their brain for computer work or automobile repairs or workers in hot polluting environments.
People thinking too much and getting high BP and blood bursting into their heads

Might have used shampoo a dozen times over 20 years.
Sometimes the smell of a bonfire just isn’t suitable in a finer party.

It took almost a year before my greasy hair and skin with psoriasis balanced out.
I only use hot water now.


Only time didnt wash my hair for a month is because i had shunt in my brain down to the neck into the stomach draininh fulied and presure from the head that was causing pressure also on the optic nerve inwas almost blind and had double vision x

I can’t live a day without taking a bath. My hair gets enough dirt for me to get irritated.

Oh yeah! Mine cleans itself if my terrain is cleaned up, or the oils are clean at least! haha haven’t washed with chemicals for around 2 years now… My hair if often torn and full of dust n shit though that I’ve collected along my journey … It also tends to stink and itch if I eat like a greedy mofo – toxic foods… But then rinse with water and back on fruits, then it’s absolutely fine… Unless I just recently rinsed it then it smells like wet dog

Who has that much time?

Baking soda works on EVERYTHING, it can be used as dry shampoo, but I believe water and soap is eventually needed.. ….So just a tiny amount can work..
The other thing that washes hair is Sea Water…If you are at the sea vacationing all u need is that water and your hair is clean and conditioned….
I do have a question about Baking Soda however…I’ve been using baking soda and lemon (sometimes together) as deodorant, it works FANTASTIC….Does anyone know if there is a reason alkaline in baking soda can be harmful as Google claims? My gut tells me it’s safe and they dont want us to use it because it will make the companies go bankrupt…Any thoughts?

I never thought of using baking soda but all I’ve been using is apple cider vinegar.

No-Poo for almost 20 years.

Wash with baking soda.
Rinse with ACV.

My Hair doesnt clean itself.

Haven’t used shampoo in almost four years … water only. It does take some training… after the first month it gets much easier.

Yeah so does an unwashed ass….trust the science

I would disagree with this- I didn’t wash my hair for two months and I guarantee you it did not clean itself.

I haven’t washed my hair in years. I started by removing shampoo and just using a natural conditioner every few weeks. I did this for a couple of years. and then removed the conditioner and just now use water.

After the initial period of 2-3 months of oily scalp this dried and my hair is the cleanest and healthiest it’s ever been.

I sauna daily for about 1 hours also so my hair gets quite sweaty. I just rinse in cool water afterwards and hair is clean again

I havent washed my hair with soap in over 3 months….
It looks great.
I just scrub my scalp in the shower with water.

I also eat a Fruitarian diet, so my hair isnt disgusting

Slightly related question: what causes dandruff?

I have dry, thick coarse, curly hair. I only wash and condition 1x about every 10 to 12 days. You have to hair train your scalp. After the first few times, it will be oily after a few days, but the longer you train it, the body learns, to slow down the oil, and sebum production, as you are not constantly stripping natural oils off your hair and scalp. I’ve been doing this for like 5 yrs. My hair is sooooo much healthier, even with highlighting a few times a year.

I have thick, wavy/curly hair and I have to wash it. Especially since I workout 4 days a week. The sweat just gets trapped in my hair and then itches.

If I don’t wash my hair it starts to shed like crazy. And I workout a lot, lots of sweat. I dunno how people
Don’t wash

I had a raw vegan friend who never washed.
He would just body and hair brush.

I don’t think hair really needs to be washed very often. I’ve gone months without washing mine. I use a boar bristle brush and it seems to clean my hair just fine. It’s never oily.