January 22, 2022

Urgent request: Any insights for children with “...


Urgent request: Any insights for children with “croup cough” and how to get them breathing better in the moment? If you child has ever had a severe “croup cough” then you know it is terrifying for them and very alarming for the parent too. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


Terrain answer:


The first thing would be to make sure that you are remaining calm as they can sense how you feel and if you are anxious this will increase their anxiety.

If they are old enough to talk then you can take guidance from them as to the most comfortable position for them, but generally sitting up is the most comfortable.

Most of all just keep in mind that the body does not create cleaning symptoms which it cannot handle. The hardest part for us is not interfering, not feeling like we must do something. Especially as a mother it is in our very nature to try to do something, anything to create comfort.

You may find this article helpful: https://www.facebook.com/groups/germtheory.vs.terraintheory/posts/3830568423686804/


Group participants comments:

Sean Dennis

That doterra easy air oil freaks me out how fast it works diluted on chest and back.

Hot air, cold air deep breath’s!

Thank you all so much for the insights. My son is doing great now.

We have had multiple issues with our youngest having a croupy cough that started at around age 5 out of nowhere and I believe it is related to the incessant spraying of our skies. I would look into mold as well if it is a reoccurring issues. The thing that has worked best for us is getting them exposed to the cold air. Head in the freezer, head outside into the cool fresh air. Second, we sit up and watch a little TV while drinking liquids to calm the child down and allow the congestion to break up.

Cold night air helped my son. Rolled down the windows on the way to the hospital and the barking cough was gone by the time we got there.

When this happened to mine steam made it worse. Wrapping her up and taking her outside immediately helped.

Steam up your bathroom and let her sit in there

Steamy hot shower running and sit in the room for awhile and then go out into the cold air. My doctor told me this years ago… and it worked for all of my children. It’s the change in temp that seems to work.

My daughter had this twice and ages 3 and 4.
I would have to take her outside in the cold air to help her breathing. It took about a minute of breathing the cold air, then I’d bring her back in.

I only ever used homeopathy and a humidifier with the bottle of liquid that you can buy. Worked a treat everytime. Homeopathy ftw

My son woke up a few nights ago with a bad barking cough. What I’ve done the past two days (which has helped and he no longer has the barking cough, just a regular cough now) is I nebulized colloidal silver three times a day, gave him a few pellets of a homeopath remedy for barking coughs (I will post a link for this), I gave him Zarbee’s cough plus mucus syrup, and also gave him epsom salt baths daily. I know some of this will go against what people recommend for healing, as they believe herbs also suppress symptoms but that cough was scary and I didn’t want it to turn into an infection. Trying to stay far away from any doctor or hospital right now. Today, he has a normal cough and is feeling much better. Yesterday his nose drained like crazy (nebulizing colloidal silver helped break up everything and get it out).

Cold outside air helps so much!

I don’t know why people are so afraid of coughs.

Renee Everett

Turn shower on hot, shut bathroom door and stand next to shower to breathe in the steam. Helps my son.

Outside cold air.

I used steam. When they were very little I’d put a bowl of boiling water near their cot or take them into the bathroom after the shower had been on. Always helped them breathe better. X

Kelly Swinson Melanie Mingus Brown it is clear that you have made no effort to study the terrain model, and insist on spreading your outdated misconceptions about health and disease.
a cold is NOT a disease, quite the contrary, it is health! it is a much needed detox event. you should NEVER suppress a cold or any other detoxification attempt, especially not by adding more poisons. if you stop a cold you are simply let the toxins accumulate in the body, leading in much more serious problems down the line.

What toxins are in environment? Check the cause.. if they all react in same time, some chem is causing reactions

My daughter had it, was heartbreaking having to listen to her every night, though I think it sounded a lot worse than it actually was. Took her to an anthroposophic/homeopathic doctor who gave us a lot of advice about the home environment. As others have said no dairy. She improved quickly enough and is now a perfectly healthy young adult.

We do steam shower and then immediately outside into the cold air.

We use a nebulizer


I’ve only seen that croup cough in vaccinated kids. Are you doing shots?

Lots of steam then cold air. Works for mine

I submitted this in the morning, so he’s much better now. He is pretty good at calming himself down when I explain it will help. Yesterday we went into a friend’s apartment who has been away for about a month and discovered a massive gas leak. I had him go outside right away, but then he came back in a few times while I was trying to open all the windows. It affected me even. That in combination with his father visiting, so he’s been eating cooked heavy foods the last month sent him over the edge into a detox spell. Thankfully we caught it early and I fasted him for the day giving him lots of fluids. I did give him an herbal respiratory tincture so he could sleep most of the day without the labored breathing and waking up every 1.5 hours. It is quite scary though to just let it ride out though, even though I know it’s best. I was able to borrow a humidifier since I live in a remote village where you can’t normally find those things, so he’s sleeping with that on for the night. I didn’t want to give him oils or rubs just because I knew the tissues were already so irritated that it seemed like it could make the situation worse.

We do the bundling up and sitting in the cold air, we’ve done the steam, if the child is at least 18 months or older I use essential oils rubbed on the throat…thyme, frankincense and lavender diluted. The latest thing that has worked amazing for us is a nebulizer with 3ml of saline, and 1 drop of food grade hydrogen peroxide. Clears it up quick.

How old is your child

When my kids had that I just let it their body do what it needed. I found day 4-6 to be the worst. I didn’t know about steam in the bathroom or the cold air, these sound just soothing and not suppressing.

Chiropractor and removing all dairy

No dairy, no meat, lots of fruits and anti inflammatory foods. Trace minerals, essential oils. Cup the hand and pat along the rib cage from hip to arm pits. And take the child out into the cold. It will help a lot!

Steam, boil the kettle or hot tap. Scary I know, keep as calm as you can.

I had that a lot as a child (obviously survived to a ripe old age)…breathing through a hot/warm wet face cloth helped… slept sitting up… horrible experience but your little one will survive

Steam the bathroom with hot water from the shower and let them sit in there for a bit.

Cold air! Bundle up and go outside