December 21, 2022

Urinary pH strips


I would like to know your opinion about urinary pH strips. I just bought some and I see that my urine is above the alkaline standard. What do you think ? Have you practiced this? Thanks in advance.


Terrain answer:

Measuring the pH of our urine is mildly interesting but not particularly useful. It tells us what we are eliminating, not what we are acquiring or accumulating. Since we expel waste and most waste is acidic, in the form of proteins and fragments of proteins, uric acid, as well as mucus and lymph waste, we would expect the urine to be acidic. However, as with all things the body is constantly changing and adapting to internal conditions and going through cycles. If you measure shortly after a meal you may be measuring what is called an “alkaline tide” where the uric acid expulsion stops temporarily and the urine becomes more alkaline. If you measure 10 times throughout the day you are very likely to get 10 completely different measurements.
The question then becomes, what do you hope to gain by measuring? If the body is not in optimal conditions, knowing the pH of the body doesn’t help you to change the conditions, only changing your diet can do that. If the body is already in optimal conditions then you already know how to maintain health, so checking your urine doesn’t help with that. If you don’t know how to create optimal conditions measuring your pH won’t help with that either. So while it might be mildly interesting, it offers no real value in terms of improving health unless it somehow motivates you to correct your diet. That would be an individual motivator that people can choose to use, but again, if they are measuring at the wrong time they could be getting the wrong idea of their bodies status, so it could end up creating a false sense of security instead of a motivation to change.