December 30, 2021

UTI’s / urine infections. I’ve been reading t...


UTI’s / urine infections.
I’ve been reading through older posts and learned that fasting and drinking loads of water will cure… which I am going to try next time instead of antibiotics. How long will it take roughly?
I also read that a uti is a natural detox function which is why we shouldn’t use antibiotics.
I suffer every few months, but only since being sexually active. Before I met my husband, I had never experienced a uti. The doctor tested me for std’s and I came back all clear.
I always thought it was bacteria getting trapped somehow, despite washing thoroughly before and after intimacy. So if it isn’t bacteria, how can I explain this only happening because of sex?

Also, I have a herbal remedy book that suggests using echinacea to treat a uti. Would that be an option or is that also seen as disrupting the natural detox?
Thank you. Sorry if I’ve got any info mixed up or wrong, I’m still learning and looking forward to learn more!


Terrain answer:

good question – I can certainly see how it seems like the UTI is a response to physical intimacy

But there are other explanations. First of all, the reproductive area is very close to the colon and bowels so if these areas are backed up or if you’ve spent most of your life eating cooked foods and animal products (like most of us have) then there could easily be backed up junk matter here waiting to be broken down. The simple stimulation of this area could help mobilize some of this junk matter and the kidneys help filter this stuff and you end up excreting it in urine which is why UTIs can be fairly common. Your body’s natural response to having this junk matter is to send bacteria to help break it down

As far as how long it will take to resolve – it’s very hard to say without knowing much more background about your diet and lifestyle etc. The idea is the bacteria needs time to help breakdown and dissolve whatever caused it to be recruited there in the first place – this usually takes somewhere between a couple weeks to a couple months in my experience. I have not personally dealt with much in the way of UTI but I have dealt with rashes and stomach issues etc and that timeframe seems to be fairly universal

Drinking water and eating fruit / raw greens and other ideal human foods can definitely help speed things up – also make sure to drink plenty of water (try to target about 1 gallon per day but don’t force it down – the more you drink the more you’ll be able to drink, so if its just 1/2 a gallon at first then that’s okay, you’ll get to 1 gallon eventually without much effort)

The raw plant-based diet is great because it helps you get the sustenance and nutrition without adding more burden and helps clear out junk too

maybe Lauren Whiteman can add more relevant info


Group participants comments:

Dmannose is excellent. It’s a natural sugar that attracts the bacteria.

I sent you a PM

My 6 year old daughter keeps getting uti and now they have just found blood in her urine. Don’t know what to do. Any advice please.

Lemon Barley Water is astounding to help cure it up

THIS HAPPENED TO ME! When I started having sex at 19, I was getting UTIs EVERY time. Turns out I had a double ureter on my right kidney that attached to my vagina instead of my Bladder . I had to have surgery to remove the ureter. Have them check your pipes girl. It took several ultra sounds to find it.

Take a piss after sex

Washing too much specially with soap can alter the vaginal microbiome and/or ph which can cause UTI’s. Also diet that is rich in simple sugars can cause disbios (imbalance in bad and good bacteria) in both digestive system and subsequently vagina. Apple cider vinegar bath can also be beneficial in balancing ph for short term relief. You’ll see great improvement once you wash less, alter diet and reduce stress.

D-mannose is a well-reported natural treatment.
Cranberry juice for prevention.

Ella my daughter kept getting UTI’s constantly. After months of desperation she was sure it was the pill. She voiced her concerns with the GP (A lady) who quite vociferously stated that it couldb’t possibly be the pill. Weeks later she couldn’t stand it anymore and gave up the pill and within days she got rid of her latest UTI and has never one again since, that was over 2 years ago.

Cut out sugar and go pee after sex every time.

Bacteria comes from the anal passage, when having sex, the penis can push these bacteria up the tiny passage where your pee comes out. Going for a wee after can help flush the bacteria out.

Their tests are never conclusive I was the same way and at 20 years old I cut out sodas and sugary fruit drinks problem is I held on to my caffeine with the fructose sweeteners. It can also be caused by STDs that aren’t being shown up not all men have symptoms it’s best to detox if your in a long-term relationship both of you.. it can also be pinworms

One shot kolloidal silver each day works allways.

I found a juniper tincture I bought worked quite well at changing my pH and getting back to normal. Cranberry juice as well.

Cut down on caffeine. If i drink too much tea I get one

Fasting and drinking healing tea might heal it or not, try and see for yourself. Sometimes when you treat it it gets better or all symptoms are gone but when you stop they return again. UTI is generally harder to heal and need more time, sometimes can be months.

Test might not give a true result. Is your husband tested too?

It is said that cranberry juice can be preventive for UTI. Womens urethratract is shorter than mens. Shorter way for unwanted mikrobes to travel and then more easily for women to get an infection. None of us are 100% clean, And since the urethra opening is right down there in the “play area” it happens from time to time. Sounds like this is a returning problem, but having to cure it with antibiotics several times a year is not a long term solution. Overwashing in that area can irritate or dry out the mucous membranes down there and might increase the risk for UTI.

Dr Robert Morse YouTube

You should pee directly after!

My mum is always getting UTI’s she is nearly 80 and no sexual activity,how can I help her?

Pee after sex. Game changer!

My friend says she gets a UTI if her hubby releases semen in her vagina. She eats very clean but he doesn’t at all!
Something to remember ladies!

It it yeast overgrowth? In which case stop all types of grains or cereals; bread etc. Also no heavy starches type foods.

UTI is not a bacterial infection (there is no such thing). It is a simple irritation of the urethra’s wall when the urine’s Ph is too low for what the urethra is designed for i.e. abnormally acidic. A dietary change will fix it.

boil wash & hot iron of underwear can sometimes help stop re-infections

Cranberry works for most people because it changes the pH of your urine

Are you washing with soap? Or what do you mean by washing? Are you peeing after sex? I used to get utis from my ex. I would get micro tears also from sex causing issues. I don’t have that issue anymore now that I’m with my husband but it could be micro tears or not peeing right after sex or from using soaps on the area. Only wash with water

Same here

Ditto I would also like some advice.