December 19, 2022

Vasovagal syncope


Is there any information on vasovagal syncope from a terrain model perspective? My boy has passed out from banging his elbow and has had a seizure from bending his finger backwards.


Terrain answer:

Vasovagal syncope is a neurological issue, which simply indicates that the nerve cells are not functioning to normal operating standards. The cells of the body malfunction when the conditions within the body are suboptimal. As waste backs up around the nerves this can eat away at the myelin sheaths, a thin protein coat that surrounds the nerve. Then as the waste burden shifts within the body the waste pushes against the nerve causing a malfunction or overreaction of the nerve.
Seizures and Fainting are both commonly triggered by an increase in stress. Stress raises the acid levels in the body temporarily as the body triggers flight or fight responses. This rapid sudden increase can be enough to trigger the nerves which can then lead to a fainting episode or a seizure.
Vasovagal syncope means the vasovagal nerve has been triggered. This causes blood vessels to dilate rapidly. Dilation of the blood vessels causes blood to rapidly drop towards our legs and is often accompanied by a slowing heart rate. As a result, the blood pressure will suddenly drop and the person faints.
Pain can also trigger these types of events, as can rapid changes in temperature and any other rapid shock to the body.
Seizures are reversible with dietary correction. When we remove the cause of the back up of waste the body is able to get the waste levels down and then eventually rebuild the myelin sheath. This can take some time as nerve cells and brain cells are very slow to repair and replace. It took 9 months to get one of my rescue dogs seizures under control on mostly fruits. Knowing what I know now I would have utilized more fruits and fasting for him then I did at the time, which may have led to faster healing. But I would expect healing to take longer with this type of symptom then with others that are not neurological.