December 19, 2022

Viking syndrome, Dupuytren contracture


Ana, do you have any insight on Viking syndrome, sometimes called Dupuytren’s. It affects my left hand ring finger. I know if I have surgery, it will return. Last year I did 8 full weeks of special diet: one week transition (mostly fruits, a baked potato, avocado), 3 weeks of raw smoothies, then 4 weeks of quarts of fresh juice daily, homemade. I didn’t cheat, not even with one nut. I lost ~15 lbs. but finger did not improve one bit. Do you have any insight on this?


Terrain answer:

The muscle contraction is occurring because of a backup of acids that are localized in that area of the hand. Since surgery cannot remove the cause the symptoms inevitably return.
The body will automatically correct the issue if given enough time but we are talking about deeper-level disease conditions so it would likely take anywhere from a year to a few years for the body to clean out that much to correct the issue. Water fasting can significantly speed up healing time, but in either case, you are looking at a longer timeline than 1 or 2 months. On average it takes 1 year on the natural diet for every 7 years of eating cooked foods.