April 23, 2023

Was cutting up an orange just now, trying to cut o...


Was cutting up an orange just now, trying to cut off just the tiniest amount of the surface of the peal. Do you eat the peals of all fruits including oranges and bananas?


Group participants comments:

Definitely don’t eat Mango peels … pending what I read recently was legit, they’re related to the same family as poison oak and ivy and mango peels are said to also have the same irritants (to a much lesser degree) … but it said, we’re not bothered by it, obv because, we, don’t consume the peel. I did NOT cross verify the accuracy of this info, but in my browsing of the site, their content appears focused on info and factual data (not at all on storylines, opinions or narrative pushing).

Don’t do it !! Especially orange!! It has dyes

no, orange and banana peels dont taste good. apple and cucumber skins taste fine so when i know theyre not heavily sprayed or waxed i will consume those fruits whole. apples i like to polish real good with a dry towel u can see gunk come off

Those peels have a purpose some just dont taste that good to be eaten, same with their hard texture that will be so hard to digest, i try avoid them all