December 12, 2022

Water fasting, muscles


Hello everyone, 1 completed my ten day water fasting few days ago, what I noticed is my senses of smell has improved my tongue is cleared and pink but the problem is I became too thin and I want to put some muscles back soon by eating some vegan cooked foods but my body become tired a little and stomach become too much full, what could it problem ? Help


Terrain answer:

We do not regain weight by poisoning the body with cooked foods. We gain muscle by using our muscles. The weight loss you are seeing is predominantly water weight, from the body releasing toxins and not needing to hold on to as much water to dilute those toxins.
If you want to gain weight, and if your body is done deep cleaning, then all you need to do is eat fruits and leafy greens and do some strength training to build muscle. But if your body still has cleaning to do the body will not put on weight until all of the cleaning is done.