December 12, 2022

We are currently overwhelmed w...

We are currently overwhelmed with pending posts. Please help us out, before you submit a post to the group do a little searching to see if you can find the answer you are looking for.
We have many resources available to answer your questions
Topics: #terraindiet #books #diseasecreationreversal #virus #cancer are just a few examples of the many posts we have categorized that you can reference before submitting a post.…/germtheory.vs…/hashtags
Guides: Most questions can be answered yourself by completing the guides. The nice thing about the guides is that it keeps track of your progress, so you can study just one or two at a time and it will remember where you left off. Guides 1 & 2 if completed will give you the foundation to allow you to figure out the answer to nearly any question on your own.
Guides can be found here:…/germtheory…/learning_content
Files – We have so many tremendous resources in the files. Take a peak, download a few PDF’s
Files can be found here:…/germtheory.vs…/files
The most powerful resource is available to everyone in the group. The Life Science Course is a 2,295 page SEARCHABLE pdf found right here:
This PDF has the answer to just about any question you can think of relating to health creation. There are 101 lessons covering all aspects of the terrain model. You can put in just about any keyword you can think of and come up with something helpful or fascinating to read. Give it a try.
This post is not meant to discourage you from posting questions. We love your questions. It is just meant to empower you and allow us to make sure we can get through all of the posts without them sitting in pending for days.
If you have a post in pending right now, please be patient. I am going through them as fast as I can but I am also dealing with some things offline that require my attention so my time is stretched very thin. We always strive to give you the best answer we can and we would rather a post wait until one of the admins or moderators can answer it with a quality response, then to approve posts only for them to be overrun with comments that do not align with what the terrain model teaches us and have the opportunity to learn be wasted.
In addition, I would like to encourage all seasoned members of the group to help us keep the posts clean. If you see comments that are misleading, that are not in alignment with terrain model, that are pushing medical dogma or recommending harmful substances please help us out by using the report to admins feature on comments. Click the 3 dots on right of the comment and select report to admins. This will help us to see where conversations are going off the rails more quickly and will help us to direct new members to the appropriate resources. Also, we would like to encourage all of our seasoned members to help new members find the Guides, Topics and Files. So if you see someone commenting erroneously, just politely inform them that what they are commenting is not in alignment with the terrain model and direct them to the resources available.
Thank you everyone! We appreciate each and every one of you and all of your amazing questions and your dedication to learning and helping each other to learn!
Eat fruit and be well my friends.