December 12, 2022

We often get questions about w...

We often get questions about which fruits and vegetables are more ideal or less ideal, which foods are more toxic or less toxic. This is a somewhat subjective decision, however there are certain parameters which can be compared to give some idea of the relative value of foods in comparison to other foods. In the Life Science Course, Lesson 18, TC Fry and his associates attempted to create a criteria for rating foods, with foods receiving a score from -100 to positive 100. This rating system applied numerical values to represent toxicity, edibility in the raw state, taste appeal, ease of digestion, efficiency of digestion, protein, vitamins, minerals, EFA’s and Fuel Value and then ranked foods based upon their scores. The rating system is by no means perfect but hopefully it gives some helpful food for thought about the relative suitability of various foods.
Attached is a word document with the chart from Lesson 18 with the ratings of generally available foods.
A few foods of note and their scores:
Bananas 100
Apples 95
Berries 93
Cantaloupe 98
Cashews 62
Collard Greens 39
Dandelion -2
Figs 99
Garlic -70
Kale 44
Onion -32
Peppers, Sweet 59
Salt -100