December 12, 2022

Weird question but wanted to r...


Weird question but wanted to run it by you guys first. About 2 years ago (before I went full Natural Hygiene) I had a really bad hemorrhoid once that just continuously grew and grew over the span of a few days to the point that it was excruciating even to lie in my bed let alone having to walk. I eventually went to my doctor who just punctured it with a scalpel and squeezed out all the blood and pus to which it immediately felt way better and in a few days I was completely fine. He said that that can happen to people where their body just keeps sending more and more blood to the hemorrhoid not knowing when to stop. Anyway, I’m going through another one currently. It’s just getting bigger and more painful. Should I have it drained again or do I leave it? I’m leaning more towards just allowing my body to deal with it. Thoughts?


Terrain answer:

We cannot give you advice on whether to seek treatment or not, however, if we remove the cause the body will make the necessary repairs. Hemorrhoids are often caused by dehydration and straining on the toilet. They are also caused by drinking alcohol and eating meat and dairy and other foods which constipate us.