December 7, 2022

Welcome to all our new group m...

Welcome to all our new group members! We are getting a lot of new members each week and we want to make sure everyone gets the full advantage of all of the information we have available here!
New Members: Please take a moment to read our Recommended Reading document linked below. This post can also be found at any time by going to the Announcements (pinned posts).
There is a lot of information in this group that will likely be new to you. True Healing information is hard to come by in a world where profiting off disease is the norm. If something goes against what you have been taught in the past, please ask questions so you can understand why what we teach is different from those who are still managing symptoms and promoting that health is out of your control.
We have a video here that covers many of the most common questions:…/permalink/3913168545426791
We have Guides (learning modules) to lead you through the basic concepts. We ask that everyone complete Guides 101 and 102 before commenting so you can help keep the conversation in line with the principles of the Terrain Model and avoid draining the groups resources with arguments. Most common questions are answered in the Guides. Guides can be found here:…/germtheory…/learning_content
We also have Topic Tags, many of the posts are tagged with a topic, topics can be found at the top of the page on mobile devices and in the right sidebar on desktop.
We have tons of books for free in our files section so please take advantage of all the free books and articles by browsing the files here:…/germtheory.vs…/files
Many of the most common questions have been covered previously so please use the search function and topics feature to find what you are looking for. If you don’t find your answer then feel free to create a post with your question.
Happy Reading!
Let’s welcome our new members:
Drew Goddard ,
David-Ashley Hancock,
Louise Byrne ,
Eldie Calderon ,
Paul Trafelet ,
Laura Ward ,
Ted McMullen ,
Marianne Ingrao ,
Ruth McNeil ,
Ruth Young ,
Bryan Dunlop ,
Sue Harris ,
Marpe Raphael ,
Demian Fischman ,
Janavi Cantalupo ,
Elif Yilmaz ,
Ulli Steinhauser ,
Mathieu Mancarella ,
Marco Mularoni ,
Viviana Galasso ,
Paul Trueman ,
Sita B Andersson ,
Gilbert Salazar ,
Kelly Young ,
Tinette Weinman ,
زلمی نظر قرلق خلیل,
Mel See ,
Mary Laoumtzis ,
Kim Crawford ,
Coulston Stirling ,
Ianto Jones ,
Sagar Pradhan Sagar Pradhan ,
Joël Ondzaghe ,
Jonh Nchoe,
Anitra Spiller ,
Anita Parker ,
Bradley Jumper ,
Kathleen McFadzean Shedd ,
Krista Rannik ,
Juliana Gjyzeli ,
Kevin Hammal ,
Steve Bellows ,
Mark Cob Webb ,
Fritz Aenker ,
Kim Bamford ,
Tricia Emmett ,
Angela Lofrano,
Nguyen Hoang Tu Oanh ,
Angie James ,
Leoni Farrow ,
Jenalyn K Mamaril ,
Tiia Mowat ,
Gonzalez Jenn,
Jocelyn Yaman Smith ,
Brooke Shadduck ,
Katie Kunze ,
Maria Victoria ,
Emily Wade ,
Gee Al ,
Virginia M Mitchell ,
Leah Dupré ,
Cali Flower ,
Stuart Lipp ,
Margaret Hickey Acres ,
Bren Pi ,
Natalie Trance Freespirit ,
Angie M. Hill ,
MagDa Lena ,
Theresa Parrent Fisher ,
Guly Biktimirova ,
Kaylee Haveman ,
Jana Johansson ,
Kaitlan New ,
Jen Duval ,
Rae Fern ,
Linda Be ,
Joanna Topshee ,
Russ Reiss ,
John Sean Burns ,
Suzie Hubbard ,
Hugo Grebstad ,
Devi Bagley ,
Amy Benes,
Venessa Off Flamank ,
Jody Contreras Pinto ,
Jimmy Treacy ,
Jennifer Evelyn ,
Jeff Kashin ,
Danielle Blissett ,
Abby Morrison ,
Sharna Taylor ,
Tracey Tucker ,
Charlotte Chen ,
Vanessa Kayley Bachman ,
Emma Cook ,
Jodie Smith ,
Karen Louise ,
Jessica Lauren ,
Kathryn Harris ,
Filiz Shukri Dervish ,
Holly Alexis ,
Sue Whittlesey ,
Johanna De Wan ,
Emma Watts ,
Melanie Misenheimer ,
Ashley Davis ,
Rachelle Dawn ,
Angela Carroll Garrett ,
Hillary Brown ,
Ashley Trammell ,
Mia Dawn ,
Erin Rassam ,
Stephaniie Parish ,
Tania Fielhaber ,
Carisa Homschek Wruble ,
Loren Bell Betros ,
Danielle Marie ,
Patty Marie ,
Salena Samander ,
Amy Wielfaert ,
Haley Nicole ,
Michelle Lynn ,
Helen Douglas ,
Michelle Portera ,
Julius Gyula ,
Dom Hart ,
Paweł Baranowski ,
Yusuf Koddexx ,
Meme Nicholas ,
Daynuh Joan ,
Jean C Stasse ,
Kim Townsend ,
Charles Connor ,
Victoria Whitbread ,
Rene Bunn ,
Jesse Wilson ,
Kevin Foo ,
Саси Исас ,
Nadia Nicole ,
Alison Corey Cosgrove ,
Jana Shaw ,
Shonoi Ming ,
Josephine Borg ,
Jerrod Stew Gable ,
Paul E. Ester ,
Hayley Cendana ,
Gaia Pristine ,
Charlotte Serlet ,
Legalize Freedom ,
Saleha Abdul ,
Kim Oastler ,
Rebecca Gamez ,
Bill Mahon ,
Debunking Fallacies ,
Emily Whalen ,
Penny Allan ,
Helen Parker ,
Becka Walsh ,
Cassandra Welch ,
Nicole Tremonti ,
Andrew Wittig