December 7, 2022

Welcome to all our new group m...

Welcome to all our new group members! We are getting a lot of new members each week and we want to make sure everyone gets the full advantage of all of the information we have available here!
New Members: Please take a moment to read our recommended reading document:
There is a lot of information in this group that will likely be new to you. True healing information is hard to come by in a world where profiting off disease is the norm. If something goes against what you have been taught in the past, please ask questions so you can understand why what we teach is different from those who are still managing symptoms and promoting that health is out of your control.
We have guides (learning modules) to lead you through the basic concepts. We ask that everyone complete guides 101 and 102 before commenting. This helps keep the conversation in line with the principles of the terrain model and avoid draining the group’s resources with arguments that have been covered already. Most common questions are answered in the guides. Guides can be found here:
We also have Topic Tags, many of the posts are tagged with a topic, topics can be found at the top of the page on mobile devices and in the right sidebar on desktops.
We have tons of books for free in our files section so please take advantage of all the free books and articles by browsing the files here:
Many of the most common questions have been covered previously so please use the search function and topics feature to find what you are looking for. If you don’t find your answer then feel free to create a post with your question.
Happy Reading!
Let’s welcome our new members:
Justine Margaret ,
Jennifer Marie ,
Aayati Sengupta ,
Tami Clifford Whipple ,
Sophia Campbell ,
Louise Purcell ,
Arpitha Shankar ,
John Bouwers ,
Neil Beevers ,
Joy Sym ,
Jimmy Smith ,
Georgi Dimitrov ,
Nicholas Lu ,
Emily Sayer ,
Julie Atkinson ,
Kim Parker ,
L Auren Bright ,
Jofy Imalive ,
Holly Kate Wiles ,
Lisa Scott ,
Hannah Fogg ,
Danielle Czubak ,
Wende Fahey ,
Jordan Brooks ,
Ashley Day ,
Michelle Becker ,
Kate Reid ,
Jean Sutton ,
Shelly Lynn ,
Marina Jacobs ,
Kate Collins ,
Mackenzie John ,
Amy Lynn ,
Susan Wilson ,
Mike Meecham ,
Laura Leigh ,
Christine Sarro-Turner ,
Michael Giammusso ,
Melody Byblow ,
Marie E-p ,
Eric Mintz DC ,
John Hrycko ,
Christine Tomas Henning ,
Wayne Cowtan ,
Layuom La ,
MaryAnne Davis Schneider ,
Katie Booke ,
Mark Shaw ,
Santina Sanchez ,
Greg Bonnette ,
Tanya Barone ,
Pat Hollingworth ,
Carlessa Roberts ,
Simon Bagley ,
Katrina McKibbon ,
Tracy Edmister-Grzebinski ,
Sandra King ,
Katie Gill Kees ,
Michael B Mattani ,
Martin Peterson ,
Pınar Brook Mrkvicka ,
Krystle Sturgess ,
Elise Loren ,
Amy Voss Pace ,
Maxie Symonds ,
Simone Kay ,
Alan Youngblood ,
Agneta Pupienyte ,
Liliana Aira ,
Matthew Reiter ,
Alexander Hogan ,
Lindsey Zeisler ,
Jessica Moncada ,
Luke Linkoff ,
Amy Evans ,
Dani Williams ,
Jodie Boex ,
Sarah Sovereign ,
Dot Pearce ,
Trina Lewis Southe ,
Frost SJ ,
Jill Turner ,
Julie Sandland ,
Jacqui Barker ,
Stephanie Marrero Thomassie ,
Majid Murad Al Saro ,
Bernadette Thornton ,
Trendy Bourgeois Vadnais ,
Shane Hewitt ,
Roger Wittekind ,
Tara Lee ,
Shalaka Tipnis ,
Halu Lalu ,
Lisa Kahfay ,
Petra Treitz ,
Joe Zurek ,
Patrick Jumpat Hansen ,
Daryl Gray ,
Jana Malacova ,
Laura Boddington ,
Nikole JaNae ,
Jo Meneceur ,
Shannon Haas ,
Xenia Savitz