December 19, 2022

What are Warts if not Viruses?


What are Warts if not Viruses?


Terrain answer:

Warts are an abnormal growth of tissues, much like tumors and moles. “When the exodus of toxic material becomes so great that the glands and follicles of the skin themselves becomes obstructed or injured in any way, then we usually witness the development of abnormal growths, such as warts, benign tumors, moles, and the like, some of these being of enormous size.”
It’s similar to scar tissue, the waste load is so heavy that the tissues in the area are being repeatedly damaged and so the growth is a result of the repeated injury. Most people find that warts disappear rapidly after removing dairy products from their diet. Also I have personally witnessed many times over when people indulge in ice cream, a mixture of dairy and refined sugar, they often get large numbers of warts, especially on their hands and feet. Something about that combination really fuels abnormal tissue growth.