September 21, 2021

What can I take internally to cure athletes foot?...


What can I take internally to cure athletes foot? I’ve had a mild yet stubborn case for almost a decade and the external remedies aren’t working.


Terrain answer:

Symptoms are never cured through the addition of anything. We correct all symptoms of disease conditions by removing the cause. This means eliminating those foods which are a burden to the body, meat, dairy, wheat, beans, processed foods, etc. while moving towards our natural foods, fruits, and tender leafy greens. The more burden we can eliminate the more quickly the body can clean itself and stop having excess waste for fungus to feed upon.

Anything which kills the fungus, whether taken internally or externally would be a poison, because the fungus itself is our own cells changing form to exist in the waste filled internal environment. Correcting the environment by removing the causes of the waste is the only way to actually allow the body to correct the disease conditions.


as with most other conditions – clean up your diet as best you can and eventually you’ll stop expelling the toxic junk that the fungus is feeding off of

may take a while but thats the surest path

hate to be the one to tell you, but if you’re looking for a magic pill or anything else that is treatment-based you’re ultimately not addressing the primary cause of the condition


Group participants comments:

I was able to cure it with an external solution. Foot bath with 4 cups vinegar, a cup of a mix of alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and iodine, and baking soda. Still eating cooked vegan foods

Ryan Dale Some more reading.

Yeast (fungal organisms) only live where there is an excess of complex sugar (sugar is in breads, processed foods, potatos, pasta etc.) So you need to stop eating anything processed, fruit sugar is fine as it is not complex and is used and excreted by the body. Athletes foot is a fungal growth.

Try walking barefoot as much as possible.. the soil grass beach sand or any ground does wonders for your feet

Changing your diet to a Hygienic Human Diet is absolutely life changing and life saving. I think you will love it !

Thanks, I should add that I’m vegan, although not a very healthy one.

Aloe Vera juice