December 12, 2022

What does the terrain theory s...


What does the terrain theory say about schizophrenic’s (pharmakeia) and mental illness (pharmakeia) in general, can it all be cured through diet of some kind Can eating meat cause base desires and also what effect might a stressed out animal have like a pig that’s squealing because it doesn’t want to be killed when it knows full well it’s about to be slaughtered (I read some of a pdf on fasting yday and it sounded as though eating meat or better still NOT eating meat by fasting took sex drive away, I just connected the rest so I could be wrong)


Terrain answer:

Since refined sugars are removed from their natural sources (which contain the necessary nutrients for their metabolism), sugar-eating causes the body to deplete its own stores of various vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Not only does sugar provide no needed nutrients, it causes the body to rob itself of already present vital elements. Sugar is both an imposter and a thief.||||