December 7, 2022

What happens when we confuse “...

What happens when we confuse “working” with healing? And why do antibiotics work sometimes and fail other times?
The body creates a symptom in an effort to heal. We then apply a drug, herb, anti-inflammatory “food,” supplement, etc that is purported to “work” for that symptom. The substance stops the healing symptom. The body’s healing process has been stopped. Yes, the substance “worked,” but is the result what we really want?
The problem is the body is worse off than it was before the substance “worked.”
For example, you get a cold, you take honey and ginger, the cold symptoms go away, so you claim honey and ginger “work” to stop colds.
Technically, you are right; the poison worked to stop the cold.
But what is a cold? A cold is the body expelling waste. It is a body-cleaning event. A cold is how we heal.
By stopping the cold you have trapped the waste within the body. To do so you applied a poison to the body to create a greater emergency than the original offending substance that was in the process of being removed. The body stops cleaning immediately and shifts all energy to the new incoming poison.
Now, not only have you stopped the body’s self-cleaning event, but you have also added even more burden to the body after consuming the toxic remedy. The damage done by the remedy will need to be cleansed and repaired in the future.
Nerve energy to create the initial cleaning event (the cold) was wasted, and now your body has to wait months or years to rebuild that nerve energy before it can mount another cleaning event.
The remedy worked to get rid of the symptoms, but the body is worse for it working.
If we keep repeating this every time we get a “cold”/cleaning event, eventually we force the body into the next levels of disease: inflammation, induration, ulceration and Cancer/Tumors. Every cold we stop puts us one step closer to Cancer. Even if we stop the cold with plants or “natural remedies.”
Have you ever wondered why Antibiotics “work” for some people (suppress their healing symptoms), but don’t work for others?
Have you heard a friend or family member say they had to take 2 or 3 or more rounds of antibiotics to stop their “infection”?
Why does this happen?
Well, the antibiotics work in the same way as the honey and ginger “worked”. They are poisons, which, when applied to the body, stop the cleaning event and force the body to shift all energy into the far greater emergency of the new, incoming poison.
For example, the body becomes saturated with waste from an unending assault of wrong foods being ingested. The body hits its limit and must release the waste by creating a cleaning symptom, let’s say, an ear “infection.”
The body starts releasing waste through the ear, mucus builds and starts to drain out the ear.
Inflammation builds, pain ensues, heat and swelling come to the area to burn off the toxins and our body’s own bacteria is directed to the ear to help break down and recycle the waste to assist in the removal process.
If we follow the principles of Natural Hygiene (The Terrain Model) and fast at the first sign of our ear-centered cleaning event, the body is able to shift all energy towards cleansing and healing. We go to bed and rest for the day, sipping only water occasionally, and the ear-centered cleaning event passes quickly and without complication, usually within 24-48 hours or less.
However, if we follow the disease industry’s program we run to the doctor. They swab our ear and tell us we have an “infection”. Bacteria have “invaded” us and caused the problem. The next “logical” step is to kill the bacteria with certain doses of patented poisons in the ear and maybe in the mouth as well for “extra precaution”.
So, we get our antibiotic prescription and we run to the drug dealer to fill our prescription. We dutifully apply our poison to stop the cleaning cycle, and, within 2-10 days, our symptoms of our body cleaning itself stop… Maybe.
Or maybe they don’t.
Maybe they stop and then a week later they come back.
So we go back to the Doctor and say, “Hey, it didn’t work.” Now they say we have a “super bug,” we “need a stronger poison.” Or maybe we need two or three different poisons at once.
The first ear “infection” we only needed one dose of antibiotics. Now we need stronger ones and now we need 2 or 3 at the same time. What is going on here? Is it really “superbugs”? Or is it really just tolerance?
We know it can’t be “superbugs” because the original “bugs” were never the cause of any disease; they are the RESULT of disease. They are created and directed by the body as part of the cleaning process.
Thus, we are left with tolerance.
When a smoker first learns to smoke they cough at their first attempt. Their body has lots of vital energy and is able to quickly expel the burning smoke to protect itself via coughing. If the human is smart they take the warning and stop smoking immediately.
Unfortunately, people, especially young people, are more interested in being socially accepted by their toxic group of friends than they are in listening to their bodies health protecting warnings.
The smoker takes another drag, and another, and, eventually, the coughing lessens. Instead of coughing the body now creates mucus and scar tissue to protect the sensitive tissues of the lungs. The body has become tolerant to the poisonous smoke that is burning the lungs. It simply does not have the energy to constantly expel the smoke by force through coughing, so instead it shifts to other processes that don’t require as much energy to handle the assault.
Our body’s remarkable adaptability is, in many ways, our downfall since we do not feel the full impact of our choices until extensive damage has been done. It is easier to ignore the daily assault(s) on the body then to change our unhealthy habits.
Just like the smoker’s lungs become tolerant to the smoke and unable to expel through coughing, the body becomes tolerant to the antibiotics. The first dose is a stronger poison than what the body was originally trying to clean, so the body stops the cleanup process and shifts the energy to mitigating the greater incoming poison. That poison is now in the body along with all the other poisons to which the burden has expanded. The body wasn’t able to dump the original load and now has added to its waste reserves.
A few months—possibly years—down the line the body tries to mount another clean-out. We run to the doctor again and get our drugs but this time they don’t work. This time the body pushes on, continuing the expulsion symptoms, continuing to clean in spite of the incoming poison.
The waste load inside the body is now more toxic and of greater detriment to the body than the antibiotic consumed. The body continues to expel the waste in an effort to stop the disease conditions from progressing. Now the Doc must apply a stronger poison, or 2, or 3 different poisons at the same time to get the same suppressant effect that the original poison got the first time around.
What could have been 24 hours of water fasting and rest and a cleaner body on the other end instead becomes months of “battling infection” by applying poison after poison to a body overflowing with waste.