September 29, 2020

What is Detox really? It’s probably not what you No photo description available...

What is Detox really? It’s probably not what you think!
When people first learn about healing their bodies and the concept of “Detox” or Regenerative Detoxification or Cleaning your Inner Terrain, there is often a confusion about how the process works.
We often think that, if we apply certain substances to the body, then we can detox our bodies.
We get sold on this idea with people marketing Detox Drinks, Liver Cleanses, Herbs, Tonics and even the idea that various foods Detox the body.
This is simply not true.
There is nothing that can be applied to the body to detox the body.
Only the body can detox itself.
This is so important to understand.
The body takes all of the actions.
What we can do is put the conditions in place to lift enough burden from the body that the body is able to initiate the detoxification mechanisms.
This is where returning to the biologically appropriate diet for your species comes in.
This is why Fruits and Greens lead to healing.
Not because the Fruits and Greens are detoxifying the body, but because they are putting the conditions in place for the body to heal itself.
Fruits are removing the burden of digesting heavy slow digesting foods which drains our energy.
Fruits are high in water content, allowing the body to hydrate the dry lymph fluids (our bodies sewer system).
Fruits leave no additional waste for the body to clean up after.
Fruits provide clean essential sugars to fuel every bodily process.
Fruits create a positive energy balance. Giving more energy than they take away.
This is also why Water Fasting is such a powerful tool in healing. When we water fast, when we abstain from all food for an extended period, the body is able to shift all energy from digestion to healing. Every ounce of energy that was being put into the massive digestion system is shifted to cleaning and repair.
Healing is all about energy.
“Life should be built on the conservation of energy.” – Herbert Shelton
Each detox process the body initiates drains our nerve energy. Each digestion process also drains our nerve energy. Each toxin we ingest drains our nerve energy. We have a finite amount of energy available in our lifetimes. If we continuously drain this energy by misfeeding ourselves on toxins, difficult to digest high protein foods, foods that deposit a lot of waste or keeping our bodies in a state of constant stress with stimulant foods and beverages and stressful lifestyle choices, then we run down our energy banks and the body cannot gather enough energy to run a detox process.
If we put in harmacuetical drugs or natural remedies and even spices and “medicinal foods” like garlic, honey, ginger or turmeric, we are adding to the bodies burden. These foods and drugs which stop the cleaning symptoms are not helping our health. They are damaging our health. They are adding to the burden on the body and draining our energy tank.
If a product is used to stop pain, stop inflammation, stop a cold or a flu then you know this product is harming your health, not helping it. Pain, inflammation, colds, flus, expulsion symptoms, rashes are all the body ridding itself of waste. Using that precious nerve energy to detoxify your body.
When we stop these processes we not only add more waste burden to our bodies AND stop the body from ridding the waste it was just eliminating, BUT WE ALSO sacrifice that nerve energy that the body worked so hard to store up.
Think of each decision as an addition or subtraction of your precious finite time. Each meal, each remedy, each drug is a drain, a subtraction of that time.
Some subtractions are unavoidable, we live in a toxic world. But most are avoidable and should be saved for when the body needs to create a detox program.
So choose those foods which help put the conditions into place to allow the body to clean and heal.
Avoid those products which are marketed as detoxing your body, because only your body can detox itself. Take some solid food vacations from time to time (Juice feasting or Water Fasting). Eat your biologically appropriate foods, Fruits and leafy greens. Avoid those foods which take many hours to digest and steal your precious energy stores.
You are an energetic being.
You are a miraculous, self healing machine.
Learn how to put the conditions into place for your body to heal itself.
Then sit back and watch the magic happen.


Group participants comments:

Thanks Lauren Whiteman Grateful To you

Trish Wills

The FDA closed down a Cytotoxic Clinic I worked in over 30 yrs ago. We were giving classes to ppl, some were universal reactors
, others crippled w arthritis etc. We tested thier blood to see if the cell nucleus was destroyed on impact with various foods etc… happy I found your page Ty

Christine Nguyen colon cleansing is not necessary, the body will clean / detox itself.

How bad were detox effects and how did they last for y’all- I wanna try but we are in the middle of moving

Coffee enemas and similar “cleansing” methods are useless, even harmful. Also, there is no way that consuming an “alkaline” diet will change the pH in the human body. The KIDNEYS regulate the pH stasis. If they didn’t, we would all be DEAD. We are indeed, fearfully and wonderfully made.


Would you consider diarrhea one of the ways the body detox’s itself? Is there ever a time where you should take action to stop diarrhea, say if it continues for months?

Lisa Shrubb

I do water fasts every so often, usually 24-48 hrs, last couple years i started to try a long one once a year, i did a 3 day, 5 day, and this year in march i did my longest yet, a 6 day, and i must’ve released some incredibly deep stored away toxins because i experienced excruciating pain and inflammation in my joints (elbow, knees, and feet) so much so i had to use a pair of old crutches i had to get around ! This went on for 6 weeks ! And the pain would alternate from one knee too the other, one foot to another, i talked with some people i trust and agreed that i must not have flushed out all the dredged up toxins (i used to suffer with an autoimmune disease, was on prednisone for almost 20 yrs, and finally had my mercury/amalgam fillings removed which I’m sure contributed to deeply embedded toxic material, the filling replacement was also a healing catalyst. I tried everything to help with the horrible pain, CBD oil, epsom salt baths, herbal salves, borax water, essential oils, turmeric, ice packs, herbal joint formulas, uric acid supplements, even zeolite spray in case it was heavy metal related and nothing helped, finally i had to give in and use an n-said i had in case of emergency (which I’m not proud of by the way, but i was in an incredible amount of pain precipitated by my lengthy fast) I’m trying to work up the nerve to do another shorter 2 day fast ! Lol


I was chronically I’ll for years. I started arugula and berry smoothies…w coconut water and they completely healed me. TRUTH! Now I mostly eat fruit and watch out bc that pineal will open up!! Best experience of my life. I tried every supplement on the market to no avail. Our medicine is our food ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I could not love this post more-preach! I am slowly starting this process. Thanks!

i want to do a water fast however i have a question.. how should i go into it? the few days prior, should i change my diet to all fruits? or should i eat lots of food?

I have been slowly detoxing since March. The last few days I have been doing a juice and water fast. I can’t believe the healing that is happening now.