December 19, 2022

What is the Predominant Diet that this group promotes?


What is the Predominant Diet that this group promotes?
My glucose test came back on the borderline of prediabetic. I follow about maybe a 70% raw diet but do buy a lot of natural food bars at the natural food stores as a quick sweet snack, mostly in the morning. Most often they contain dates. Should I steer away from a fruitarian diet.


Terrain answer:

The natural human diet of fruits and tender leafy greens, with small amounts of nuts, seeds, and vegetables is central to the terrain model. You can read more here: as well as in the books in the groups files.
Blood sugar issues are related to fat issues, not sugar issues. You should look at the fats you are consuming. Are you following good food combining rules? If we mix fats with fruits or eat fruit too soon after eating a fat this can cause blood sugar issues. Also, our prior diet can lead to a build-up of fat in the system, which can then interfere with the body’s ability to push sugar into the cells.
Eating more leafy greens and low sugar fruits for a time can help the body to sweep out the excess fat and then normal response to fruit sugars will resume.