December 12, 2022

what is your view on the effec...


what is your view on the effects of electromagnetic radiation, radioactivity, manipulation Project MKUltra ,G.M.O ?


Terrain answer:

They should be about 1% of our concern. Focus on that which has the greatest impact and that which you have the most control. You can heal your body without changing anything in the environment, simply by changing your diet. This has been proven repeatedly, both in humans and in our pets. Most of the things you mentioned you have little control over. Act upon those you can control, for example by not ever buying GMO foods but don’t get worked up over them. Your energy is better used elsewhere. The CIA is always manipulating the masses, once you realize everything is theater to keep us distracted you can shift your focus to the things which are truly important, Love, family, friends, your home, your circle of influence. Focus on positive thoughts, positive actions that improve those in your sphere. Don’t put your energy into building any focus around negative elements. It’s fine to acknowledge they exist and to be aware of them, but they should be 1% of your focus. The 99% should be on what you can improve for your health, your life, your family, your friends, your community, your local sphere.