December 12, 2022

What kind of toxins (or perhap...


What kind of toxins (or perhaps something else) are likely the main cause of food poisoning since I guess it won’t be some evil invading bacteria causing it? I had this a few times while in China and well, it’s quite surprising that it usually happens outside your own country.


Terrain answer:

Great question! While a rotten food could have enough foreign bacteria on it to trigger the body to see that food as a poison it is more likely to be the irritation of the food itself then bacteria. All foods carry their own bacteria, which is foreign to our body. Our body creates its own bacteria, which is controlled by the body itself. Bacteria is natures recycling team, so bacteria is everywhere and it goes to work and proliferates once a substance is ready to be broken down. So the ripe apple contains the bacteria just like the composting apple, but the bacteria has expanded in population as soon as there was work for it to do, breaking down and recycling the apple back to dust.