January 6, 2023

What would be next BEST food for a newborn baby? Not able to breastfeed


What would be next BEST food for a newborn baby if the mother is not able to breastfeed?


Terrain answer:

Donor milk would be the first choice, then fruit juices would be next.


Group participants comments:

Why is my comment removed for suggesting organic formula if one cant breastfeed? Nothing about organic formula is against your posted rules, so if me suggesting that is giving me a warning for making a great suggestion then so be it, I said nothing wrong!!!!

Firstly, don’t worry. Human bodies have an ideal fuel – but they can function well for a time on less than ideal fuel – so whichever option you choose, your baby will be fine and you can get them on a great diet of food soon.
I used goat formula, (powder form from nz) because the vit and minerals were abundant, goats are a similar size to humans with only one stomach – so again similar mammal digestion process – and little/ no pesticides used in nz Goat farming.
Do the best you can which will be enough – this includes making your life as easy as possible so you have enough energy to love and hold your child / this is their most important nutrition! There are plenty of experiments that show children who have more physical contact with their mums do better in every way, including physically. Good luck.
Also remember that the great advice you get on here is about nutrition only – there is much more to consider with newborn mothers – so please don’t let any of the advice upset you even if you wish you were able to more – becoming a parent involves lots of compromises and not every one is always as important as it feels as the time. There is always time to learn how to do things better. X

Coconut water (fresh)

Can yiu tell me why yiu cannot breastfeed? Many woman come to obstacles and give up only due to lack of support. With my first child i was on edge of giving up…. other woman have certain health or physical issues and it is not possibile. If yiu need support around lactation please let me know. …

Homemade formula

Donated breastmilk

Drink nettle tea mum. It makes breast milk in abundance ♥

Could anyone provide evidence that fruit juice is harmful for newborns?

Thank you

I couldn’t breast feed my third child and no one could help me back in the 90’s. I had a fever and engorged breast and no milk ever can out. I breast feed my other two with no problems. This is just my opinion but I would try to find the best organic goats milk formula I could.

Breast milk from another

Anthony Williams suggests blended avocado and banana in lieu of formula.

Usually, I don’t go this route for advice, but for this I sure will. Please consult actual professionals skilled in breastfeeding and newborn nutrition. This thread is filled with dangerous suggestions. Human newborn babies are meant to consume human milk. Work with a lactation consultant to work through breastfeeding challenges. You can also add in donor milk. If neither are options (it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, any drop is beneficial!) then I suggest European formula. If that’s not an option, try Whole Foods stores or Co-Ops for organic clean brands.

PLEASE do not give “fruit juices” or anything alike as some have suggested. This is NOT a safe option for a newborn baby.

Alvin KC

Why was my comment deleted?

Make your own formula.

You can buy breast milk from the internet now x

I heard carrot juice.

Should be found other woman to get milk from her

Interesting responses to the advice given here….. I would first be questioning where the advice to give animal milk to babies came from, and if after reading the information in the files found here you agree animal (meaning not human) milk is not safe for adult consumption why would you consider it to be safe for babies? If you’ve come here questioning the germ theory which modern medicine is based on and where the premise of animal milk being safe for humans of all ages has also come from why would you suddenly be up in arms about the suggestion that fruit juice might be safe for babies to consume. Everyone is entitled to make up their own mind and you do not have to follow any of the advice found here nobody has a gun to your head after all……..

Unaxxed donor milk.


Get help for breast feeding …. increasing breast milk can be easily achieved Through changes is diet …
mothers milk has no substitute as it’s not just functional
For the baby but also all the antibodies, that will build up the immunity in the newborns body ….

Donor milk then I would vie for goat milk

I had to use goats milk (once baby was a little older)

1. Mother’s breastmilk. 2. Another mother’s breastmilk. 3. some kind of formula specially made for human infants.

Donor milk

low astringent fruit is fine.

If milk supply is the issue drinking raspberry leaf tea can help.

Natural species food – I would ask for milk from other human mothers Cow or goat milk will make baby sick.

No fruit juice or water for a newborn

Stefano Presenza

I ended up having to use raw milk…

Fruit smoothies!!

Donor milk


La Leche league

I would get help with breastfeeding. Most people who think they can’t, just need more help. Assess baby for tongue ties. I think people underestimate how hard the first few months are. Especially if baby has tongue ties, and not effectively withdrawing milk. Add the round the clock pumping for stimulation while awaiting tongue tie lazering, and broken and cracked nipples. It’s extremely hard. Not sure if this is the issue, but my 4th had this and it was so extremely hard in the beginning. I’m still breastfeeding now and he’s 2yo. I would go into a cold sweat attaching him with no skin on my nipples before his tongue was fixed. He couldn’t even move it.

If getting breast milk from a donor, make sure 100% that donor hasn’t been jibbeyed.

I’d look for donor breastmilk. I’m still fairly new to all this but I feel like breastmilk from a mainstream momma is still more beneficial than any ‘formula’

Blend Coconut meat / hemp seeds
Distilled water
Seamoss gel