December 12, 2022

What’s the truth (according to...


What’s the truth (according to terrain) about Rh- blood and pregnancy?
What’s the truth (according to terrain) about Rh- blood and pregnancy?


Terrain answer:

“As we know, Medinsane has zero idea of the needs of health and what is truly happening in states of negatively altered chemistry, i.e., disease, caused by poor diet and drug/poison use. As rare as this “false immunity” response is [i.e., the baby-maldevelopment “diseases” that sometimes develop during and after pregnancy, namely diseases such as anemia (pale skin), jaundice (yellowing of skin, eyes, fluids, umbilical cord), lethargy, low muscle tone, enlarged heart, liver, or spleen, edema of body and various organs, and more, all ultimately signs of toxicity from diet], Medinsane prescribes Rhogam, an “antibody” blood substance isolated from blood plasma containing another “antibody” called anti-Rh (“antibody” supposedly acting against Rh) to prevent the mother’s production of Rh antibodies (anti-Rh/anti-D), proposed to be created in her fight against Rh absorbed from the baby’s blood, should the baby’s blood have gotten across the placenta, a wall that always prevents this from happening, unless, as we know, the body is very toxic and highly compromised, such as when a false diet is eaten, not recognized by Medinsane.