December 12, 2022

When cancer is biopsied, what...


When cancer is biopsied, what exactly are they looking at under the microscope to determine what type of cancer it is etc? If they were to be looking beyond the “cancer cells” would they also find the toxins and chemicals as well? Same thing when they say one has a bacterial infection, do they see what the bacteria is cleaning up? Or by the time it’s observed the bacteria already consumed it and broke it down into smaller structures. I’m just a curious mind and would like to see what exactly they are saying we have. The past two years has anyone really asked to look under a microscope as to what exactly they have? I was exposed to paint fumes one day and the next I felt off. I’m assuming my body started to clean up the chemicals I breathed in and that is why I started to feel off the next day.


Terrain answer:

They do often find all sorts of toxins inside of cancer cells. Breast tumors often contain pocket of deodorant.