December 7, 2022

When I was given this group in...

When I was given this group in April of 2020 we had 147 members. In just one year we have grown to over 15,000 members. Through the hard work of all our dedicated volunteer moderators and all of our members we have managed to compile some truly powerful life changing resources. Thank you all for your contributions and for joining us in getting this important information out to the masses! Why not take a moment now to invite a few friends and lets see how quickly we can get to 30k
For anyone new to the group, make sure to check out the GUIDES, they will walk you through the most important information. Check the TOPICS for specific questions. Check the files for tons of great books and resources. Use the search function and definitely watch our two videos that are pinned under announcements. You will be an expert in the Terrain Model in no time if you complete the guides and watch the videos!! Happy Reading!!!