December 7, 2022

When the body encounters chemi...

When the body encounters chemicals, toxins, inappropriate foods, or alcohol, the body reacts to being poisoned by becoming enervated. This is akin to the red alert on a battleship – all hands on deck. The body incites a fury of activity, energy is released, and the body goes to work to expel the poison and protect itself.
The side effect of this process is that we feel high – we get a burst of energy from the release of adrenaline as the body works to save its own life.
Not understanding the cause-and-effect relationship we become addicted to the practices which harm us the most.
The drug user gets addicted to the high, yet we know the drug is harming their system.
The alcoholic gets addicted to the high while the alcohol destroys their body.
The food addict gets addicted to the high of fat, salt, mis-combined meals, putrefying tissues, and fermenting starches and sugars.
We connect the dangers of the drug and alcohol addicts’ behaviors but ignore the same cause and effect in our food choices.
It is the action of the body that the drug addict is addicted to, not the drug itself.