December 7, 2022

When we talk about a clean ter...

When we talk about a clean terrain what we are most concerned about is the state of our lymphatic system. The body has two primary fluids, Blood and Lymph.
Blood is the intake system. As food is brought into the system and broken down the various elements, hydration, minerals, vitamins and sugars are transported by the blood to the cells for fuel and building materials.
The Lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body. Lymph fluid carries acids, toxins, waste materials out of the body via the elimination channels. The kidneys and bowels are the primary elimination channel. When the kidneys become blocked or the waste level becomes more than the kidneys can handle the body moves to the secondary elimination channels, the skin, the eyes, the ears, the mucus membranes. When you sneeze and a yellow or green fluid comes out your nose this is lymph fluid. The ear wax that comes out of your ears is lymph fluid.
Our diet controls the state of our lymph. If our diet is high in acid foods and dehydrating then we will have a thick viscous lymph fluid. This sticky, gummy lymph will be slow moving and difficult for the body to eliminate. If we continue to dehydrate our lymph over years and years of inappropriate foods for our biology and physiology then we end up with a gummy sticky mess inside the body and an inability for the body to clean itself.
Picture the difference between a runny nose after eating a spicy meal versus congestion where you blow your nose and just dry flakes come out.
If your lymph is flowing, would you rather have dry, sticky slow moving lymph? Or thin, well hydrated, fast moving lymph? Do you want your sewer clogged or flowing freely?
If we want a clean terrain then we must have a free flowing well hydrated lymph system. So to achieve this end we must consume those foods which are alkaline and water rich. Foods which provide abundant water and fiber to scrub the walls of the digestive tract and keep the elimination channels clear. Fruits and tender greens eaten raw provide the hydration and alkaline minerals required to keep our system flowing freely.
And we must avoid as much as possible those foods which are acidic and dehydrating which includes all cooked foods which have their moisture removed and their structures chemically altered by the cooking process, meats which are acidic and mucus forming, dairy which is acidic and mucus forming, wheat and all grains which are dehydrating, acidic and mucus forming, rice which is dehydrating and caffeinated beverages which stimulate and dehydrate the body.
Our system runs on the basic chemistry of acids and base (alkaline). Our blood MUST maintain an alkaline state of 7.35-7.45 ph. If the blood moves for even a few minutes out of this slightly alkaline state you will not survive. So the body uses its stores of alkaline minerals to counteract the acids of the bodies acidic functions and those alkaline minerals must be replaced constantly through our diet or we will start to develop internal dis-ease and dysfunction.
The results of the slow stripping of alkaline minerals do not always reflect outward in obvious symptoms. We won’t notice Osteoporosis for example until we either break a weak brittle bone or happen to get a bone density test. We might develop spider veins but pass them off as simple aging not realizing what they are telling us about the tissue weaknesses which are growing within from our acid based diets stripping the body of alkaline minerals. So we cannot rely on overt symptoms of “sick” to indicate that our diet is correct pr our terrain clean. Once we reach overt symptoms the disease has been building for a long time and much damage has been done internally. We must instead look at results long term and we must look at chemistry and physiology to determine how to prevent reaching the state of overt symptoms by keeping the terrain clean and hydrated long before the external symptoms begin to plague us.
To learn more about the chemistry of keeping a clean terrain, this video from Dr Morse explains the topic in depth.