December 12, 2022

Why chimps and apes in the jungle display symptoms of the common cold


Can someone please explain to me why chimps and apes in the jungle display symptoms of the common cold? Wouldn’t they be eating a healthy diet in order to prevent this? Thanks. I’m
Just trying to understand terrain theory better. I’m trying to explain it to my husband who is just showing me articles about how other primates get sick in the wild and it can even be deadly to them.


Terrain answer:

Chimps and other mammals have the same detoxification processes that we have. If they are poisoned their bodies will respond in similar ways. Since humans are intervening more and more in their environment we are introducing more poisons into the environment. Symptoms like sneezing, coughing and other lung or nasal involved symptoms can be a result of either diet or exposure to an airborne poison. If we inhale an irritant, poison or toxin the body responds with defensive and expulsion symptoms. Like when we walk into the grocery store as they are spraying the carts with poison to “kill the germs” and we immediately start coughing and gagging, our eye water and our nose runs. These are defensive mechanisms to an application of poison. If the poison is strong enough the animals end up dying as a result of the poisoning, not as a result of their body cleaning out the poison with expulsion symptoms.
I would love to see these articles if you have them handy.