January 2, 2023

Why do human think we need to eat vegetables to be healthy?


Why do human think we need to eat vegetables to be healthy?
Humans cannot break down and digest cellulose for one and are natural instinct when eating them is to bland, bitter, or not satisfied and satiated at all after eating them.
Herbivore animals for one graze and eat grass or vegetables all day long. They have multiple stomachs to deal with all the fiber as well.
You can make an argument that humans are omnivores but can’t make any tangible argument that vegetables are required and essential if humans are omnivores. I once believed humans were frugivores but as I have come to understand nature humans don’t fall into any of the rigid black and white categories. Humans are adaptivores and the human instinct has always been to hunt as well not harvest.
These vegetables you see in grocery stores and marketplaces are extremely hybridized plants. These were not available in nature for thousands of years or millions. Humans have manufactured plants to be “edible” only because when agriculture begin it was an easy profitable food. They try to convince you the food we naturally like such as fruit and animal foods are bad for us and these toxic bitter man-made vegetables like kale or broccoli are good for us. Do you really think humans ate broccoli? If broccoli did exist thousands of years ago humans would not be eating it unless it was scarce and had to they would be feeding it to the cattle.
Vegetables are full of anti nutrients and enzyme inhibitors and everyone knows this but seems to still recommend them ?? it’s a fake and phony scam and it’s unfortunate health educators push these indigestible foods that only rob the body of minerals and nutrients that are available in meat, eggs, dairy, and fruits.
Who cares if they are “living foods” when the body doesn’t absorb anything from them? Now eating your vegetables may be a good idea over processed foods but if you really do the research you can’t make any compelling argument they are essential for HUMANS. They’re not phytonutrients your body is not getting the nutrition the correct term is phytochemicals and who says these chemicals are required for humans ??
There is no nutrient you can’t get in animal foods, raw honey, and fruit that you must get in a vegetable. babies know they are poison instinctually but that food pyramid says they are “essential ” so parents force feed this fake food with good intentions but so ill-informed.
They don’t taste good unless you create a complicated recipe full of other foods to make them palatable. They are spices not foods and many we know are seeing many of these greens or vegetables, and some herbs are causing kidney stones, and skin issues, and those that make vegetables their main focus are very malnourished. Eating too much parsley can cause a woman to have a miscarriage but no no no it’s not the parsley it’s the parsley promoting “detox”
Can I keep it real? Yep, I can so I will! do you really think these vegetable pushers that state these hybrid foods should be the stable of your diet actually follow their recommendations? and some come up with ridiculous claims that pasture raised properly sourced eggs cause the “Epstein bar virus” but encourage you to eat foods high in oxalates wich we know without question lead to inflammation and kindey and liver stones!
Vegetables and bitter toxic leafy greens are designed for 4 legged creatures with multiple stomachs their saliva produce the enzyme cellulace to break down cellulose which humans do not produce.
Why eat vegetables when you don’t have to! There is nothing in these gas promoting bloating foods you need and many of my raw vegan clients over the years would always complain about how shitty they felt from eating them.
Anyway a no vegetable and no oil diet is best in my view and if you want to eat your veggies and greens have at it but don’t say they are essential for optimal health and do the research way back and you will see vegetables have never been a priority for our ancestors living in nature unless it was for survival and the truth is possibly 80% of the veggies and greens we get today didn’t exist the way you see them now and where feed to the cattle not for themselves and children.
“Eat your vegetables” is actually bad advice and somebody has to come out and keep it real and if you like eating heads of kale and wheat grass you’re a GREAT exception to the majority that insticually know bitter is toxic. May be helpful short term as an antibiotic or for someone that has parasites but there is safer ways to do that as well and not cause microbiome imbalance.
Written by Jonathon RA Stearns
Lauren ur views pl


Terrain answer:

Sadly, Jon Stearns went off the deep end earlier this year and then systematically blocked anyone who corrected his nonsensical ramblings until all he has left are people who don’t know any better. This is the problem with people who try to teach (and profit) before they have actually healed their body fully. They have no foundation, so when they don’t get 30 years of damaged healed up in a year or two they think they need to jump somewhere new.
Jon started out really sick, did a lot of extremes, took herbs, did not eat his greens, did a bunch of mango island and grape fasts, again didn’t eat his greens, then after a few years of being lean and fairly clean he decided what he really wanted was to be like the Joe Rogan’s of the world, big, edema swollen muscles. He wanted to eat like a healthy person but have the swollen body of a sick person.
Unfortunately, or more correctly fortunately, you cannot create an edema swollen body on the natural diet, since that is a state of disease. So Jon chose to start eating meat, not understanding that the “weight” he gained from eating the meat is not muscle weight but waste – inflammation, swelling and acids. So now Jon is mixing what he knows about fruits with some non-sense he picked up from the carnivore diet marketing companies and he is railing against vegetables with their favorite troupe – anti-nutrients!
Now the problem with this is that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Even where people go really off track there is often a fragment of truth which lends credibility and so in part his argument against vegetables has some basis in fact. Vegetables are less suitable then fruits. Vegetables do contain trace amounts of toxic chemicals and their ratio of harmful to helpful is less ideal than fruits or leafy greens.
However, the level of toxicity in a broccoli pales in comparison to the level of damage any animal tissue does to the body. You could eat nothing but broccoli for weeks on end and not do as much damage as one meal of animal tissue.
Additionally, while meat becomes significantly more toxic upon heating, when we steam vegetables we break down the toxic substances and the fibers making them far more digestible. While steaming loses some of the Vitamin C, it converts the starches into usable sugars and neutralizes the bitter oils that are irritating to the body.
His argument that humans are “adaptivores” is illogical. If humans were adapting to their eating outside of their natural foods then there would be no disease. We have not adapted to eating meat, we have simply degenerated due to our meat consumption. The more meat a culture eats – see the Inuits for example – the faster the body degenerates and the shorter the lifespan. The less meat, the longer the average life span. If we were “adaptivores” then the Inuits would have adapted to their meat diet long ago and they would be living to 150-160 years – the natural human life span- instead of dying prior to 60 years.
His statement, “Who cares if they are “living foods” when the body doesn’t absorb anything from them?” is either a sign of serious lack of knowledge or is him being untruthful. While we get less from vegetables then we do fruits and while they are slightly more burden than fruits, we still get a lot from them that is highly usable. Vegetables provide significant quantities of vitamins and minerals and are often more mineral rich than fruits. Lightly steamed they provide sugars from their starches to run all of our cells. While eating fruits and leafy greens is the most ideal, any human could survive long term on vegetables with minimal symptoms – this is not true of animal tissues.
Also his comments about nutrients in animals foods and raw honey are just bizarre. First, raw honey contains no nutrients, it is just a highly concentrated sugar, like eating white sugar, but it also has harsh acids in it that are the bee vomit that is used to preserve the sugar. Second, animal foods contain little to no usable material and require massive amounts of work for the body to break down the proteins into amino acids, which the body might be able to use some of, but will mostly discard. Most of what meat provides in the way of nutrients are non-essential and made by our bodies.
While I do agree that “Eat your vegetables” is poor advice since vegetables are a low value food and should be a supplement to our fruits and greens, not a primary source. “Eat your fruits and greens” is where health is found, but the eat your vegetables advice is still far more health promoting then “eat putrefying animal body parts”.