December 19, 2022

Why orally consumed hormones affect the body?


I’m wondering how & why orally consumed hormones affect the body when they should be rejected as foreign bodies?


Terrain answer:

This is an interesting question. I am not familiar with how the medical industry determines/proves that 1. the symptom is due to “low” hormones, 2. That the application of the synthetic or animal-based hormone is accepted by the body, and 3. that the synthetic/animal-based hormone is the same as the one created by our body.
If it’s anything like how they determine Viruses causes disease then the concept should likely be thrown out altogether.
Hormones are chemicals and they are fairly simple chemicals, so it’s possible that the body can utilize those chemicals in a similar way, but as far as I am aware hormone replacement therapy does not return the person back to health, the hormones have some pretty severe side effects, which means the symptom is not being addressed, the symptom is just being shifted to another avenue.
So in reality, we don’t as far as I am aware have any proof that the hormone is being utilized by the body, we only have proof that applying poison to the body creates a change in symptoms. Not a removal of the cause, not a return to health, just a shift in the way the symptoms are manifesting.