December 7, 2022

Why you should love Mosquitoes...

Why you should love Mosquitoes
It’s time to challenge your understanding of those pesky blood suckers. It’s time to tap into the infinite intelligence of nature and stop living in the fear based world.
This article provides an important lesson about the infinite intelligence of nature. I hope it will also open eyes to the realization that we are not being attacked by nature. That all things in nature serve a beneficial purpose even when we are unaware of that purpose.
I have said this many times, ALL parasites, bacteria, yeasts serve a purpose and a beneficial purpose at that. They are the garbage men of nature, recycling and disposing of our wastes in the ever flowing circle of life, death and rebirth of every cell.
Nature is beautiful, infinitely intelligent and does not make mistakes. Humans simply lack the power and knowledge to understand many of the benefits they are provided.
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