December 7, 2022

Winter can be a challenge for...

Winter can be a challenge for people who are new to the natural human diet. Humans tend to go put up mental roadblocks that stop us from achieving health. But once we decide to be healthy again our perspective suddenly shifts and we see the opportunity for fruits everywhere.
Today Nat found this kiwano melon hiding in the garden. It survived 2 frosts and was just hiding out under the collard greens. It was just delightful to eat today. December 1st and the garden is still giving back to us.
We also have some lovely peppers growing on the windowsill. Banana peppers and heatless habanero peppers that we started in late August in tiny pots as a fun little experiment. They have grown into beautiful healthy plants just from the morning sun on the windowsill.
We spent a small amount on a greenhouse to cover two of the raised beds and have managed to keep our pepper plants and a massive tomato plant alive so I have been snacking on fresh tomatoes from the garden every day for weeks now.
And a neighbor keeps bringing us persimmons fresh from her tree every few days.
We all have a choice about what we focus on. I choose to focus on health and fruits and abundance and abundance just tends to unfold in front of me.