December 19, 2022

Wondering if someone might she...


Wondering if someone might shed some light
I had sore throat, ear ache, few weeks ago .
Lasted absolute ages ( I did give in to antibiotics for few days and pain relief) but it passed Healed and was well
I had few days at home last week .6 days in fact Went back to work on Tuesday
Yesterday started the initial feeling of sore throat. Today have sore mouth and beginnings of ear ache
So instincts point to some toxin at work causing the issue
I don’t use the hand sanitizer Don’t use the soap Try not to buy from canteen, try not to touch door handles etc that are cleaned 100 tines a day cos Covid says so
Use nitate gloves for my job ( necessary )
Other than the water to make tea., poor air quality ..any ideas ? Or solutions?
I have a water filter at home,so no fluoride and other nasties
For clarification I’m a Border Force Officer working with freight, based in a parcel depot , so not cleanest of places but that hasn’t ever been a problem and this has only occurred like this ..(.on going every time I go back to work after few days ) this year.
Driving me nuts, as at hone I’m well…go back to work and all flares up again…….


Terrain answer:

Since you took the antibiotics this could simply be the body trying to clean again since the original cleaning event was interrupted by a harsh poison it was not able to completely remove what it was working on. Once the body was able to mitigate the poison of the antibiotics it still had enough energy to go back to cleaning again. Now the body needs to clean twice as hard so it will likely last longer. It could also be that at home you are resting and eating better, hydrating better and not coming in contact with the disinfectants at the workplace so the body is able to clean in less aggressive ways.