January 13, 2022

Would a zapper be appropriate for eliminating para...


Would a zapper be appropriate for eliminating parasites?


Terrain answer:

No. Definitely no.

Anything which kills a parasite kills your own cells.

Parasites are not the enemy. We do not want to kill parasites. That is shooting the messenger.

Parasites are not the cause of disease or the cause of any symptoms. They are a RESULT of disease. They are a SYMPTOM of disease. They are part of natures recycling and waste management system. They are doing a job for you and killing them would be very unfriendly for all the help they are offering your body.

Parasites feed on waste, not on healthy tissue. They go where the food is and they stay until the food runs out. Your disease causing waste is their food. Once the cause of all the waste is gone their food runs out and they leave on their own. But until then they are there cleaning up your mess.

If you want to get rid of parasites then remove their foods source by cleaning up your terrain.

If you try to get rid of parasites by killing them you 1. Leave a bunch of dead parasite bodies inside your body to add to the pile of disease causing waste you already have going on inside you. 2. You kill a bunch of your healthy cells along with the parasites, which again leaves even more waste behind, 3. You do absolutely nothing to address the CAUSE of the parasites showing up in the first place, nothing to remove the cause of disease symptoms, nothing to remove the cause of the excess waste.

Clean the terrain, don’t shoot the messenger or the janitor that is cleaning up your mess.


Group participants comments:

is it safe to do a parasite cleanse ?

Now I’m curious about parasites in my sheep; however, the better I do sectional grazing, the less the eat all the way down to the dirt. But we are told to look at their eyelids; red is good; white means the parasites are sucking their blood

Had coldsores ended up taking hydrogen Peroxide (increasing drips as days go) Ruined my body could not hardly eat anything without breaking out even tomatoes, cucumber etc even a chocolate in my mouth would make me break out within 5 min. No bread, cheese nothing! Suffered miserably for 6 months juicing kale etc YUK Bought Hulda Clark copper handle zapper zapped few times a day for 2 months and WHOA could eat chocolate, coffee etc without a coldsore. I personally highly recommend it along with clean eating raw food diet, fruit fruit fruit!

Ground pumpkin seeds damage the outsides of the parasites allowing them to dehydrate and die and then be expelled.

I had one and it made me feel TERRIBLE

in theory it is going the right way , bob beck invented a blood purifier that used pulsed electrical current passed through the blood and it did work to clean the blood of all pathogen , it accidently received a patent as a cure for AIDs , bob made the device that didnt require the blood to be cleaned out side the body , using electrodes placed on the wrist of over a major artery , i made one of these machines i bought the parts off ebay , https://electronickitcomplete.com/

Heather McLean The purpose of living ‘invaders’. I always enjoy hearing Barnett speak about this kind of stuff, but Lauren always offers a really clear and detailed explanation!