December 19, 2022

Yeast on high fruit diet


When I eat a high fruit diet I start getting yeast do I balance this? Also eating mostly fruit causes my milk supply to really go down.


Terrain answer:

Well first, eat more salads. We should be eating equal volumes of salad/tender veg and fruit. Ideally, one large fruit meal, one large salad meal a day.
Yeast issues are the body using yeast to break down waste. When we lift the burden off the body by shifting our diet we are allowing for more energy to be available for the body to clean and make repairs. This means in the short term the body is going to be releasing more waste and therefore using more tools to manage that waste, including bacteria, fungus or yeast. If we stick with the natural diet the body will eventually catch up on the waste backlog and the yeast will clear on its own.